Holy Shit: An iPod Fit for a Priest

Are you a hipster priest who wants to buy an iPod, but are feeling guilty about your earthly desires? Fret not. Your savior device has arrived in the form of a crucifix iPod. Soon, you will be able to rock out and perform exorcisms with the same object. Man Works Design, an extremely adept Russian […]

Frankentable: A Multileg Cabinet by Jaime Hayon

A lot of my friends have told me that they have loved my blog, however I rarely get comments on the blog unless I write something that’s not flattering. Take the Celebrity Smell Off, for instance. I referred to Britney’s perfume as being perfect for teenage slut. That got some comments. I also wrote an […]

The Illusion Table by John Brauer

This is another piece from the &David Store that I thought was amazing and fun. This is called, aptly, The Illusion Table. This piece, of course, would be the perfect piece for Wonder Woman seeing as she has a fetish for all things invisible. I happen to like it, too. I keep thinking that I […]

The Record Bowl by TimeSurvivors

Yesterday, a guy from the Netherlands left a comment on my blog announcing that he had this vase that I had profiled a while back for sale on his site. The piece he pointed out to me was this fabulous Tulip vase by Lotte van Laatum which sells for about $140. So, I went to […]

Plastic Fantastic Gold Sofa by Studio JSPR

There are a number of incredible items that roll out of Studio JSPR. This will be my favorite for today with many more coming in the near future. Studio JSPR was founded just two years ago by Jasper van Grootel. The studio today is four people with a focus on interior design. The Plastic fantastic […]

Smoking Mitten by Tobias Wong

Tobias Wong, one of the most prolific and innovative designers I know, created this mitten way back in 2004, but I just had to include this today because the concept is as strong as ever, and I guess I just think it’s funny. Anyone who lives in a cold weather location, and likes to smoke […]

ID 40 2006: Pig Bank by Harry Allen of Areaware

Areaware is a New York based design collective whose focus is on the design of everyday objects. Harry Allen, in particular is an extremely talented individual who is probably more well known for his interior design work which include several high profile retail interiors. And although Mr. Allen has had great success in product design, […]

DoNuts by Dirk Wynants

Let me point you in the direction of probably the most innovative furniture company on the planet: Extremis. Extremis is a Belgian design house where cleverness is the top priority. For instance, Dirk Wynants’ DoNuts picnic table is the result of asking , ” Wouldn’t it be nice if I had a place to eat […]

Brand Crack: The Gucci Dog Backpack

Gucci, along with several other luxury goods providers has realized something that I find enormously valuable to their brand. This is: Rich people have pets. And, those pets will need fashion on a higher level as well. This little pet fashion item is especially useful as well. Let’s say, you’ve just done a big day […]

“Oh You’re So Beautiful” Mirror by Joop Steenkamer jr.

“Mirror, mirror. On the wall. Who’s the fairest of them all?” Now, you are every time you use this mirror. No, this isn’t some sort of clever Time Magazine cover, but a simple word of encouragement when you use the mirror: “Oh, you’re so Beautiful.”. I commend the designer for making a product that is […]