Is this Digging Machine Real?

First, I will need to see this in person before I believe it. This is a German made digging machine designed by Krupps. This is the worlds larges moving vehicle. My question is why do you need to have the digging machine move from job to job as is hinted upon in the article? I […]

USB Concepts by dialog05

USB Concepts by dialog05 mixes conceptual art, USB technology, and hint of iPod sensibility. The concept are pretty straightforward: take some USB memory and wrap something visually challenging around the device. Then, finish off the device with the cute, blue USB universal icon for credibility. There are a number of concepts that dialog05 has created. […]

Army Trash by Gerhardt Kellermann

What do do with old weapons? Turn them in to luxury fashion accessories, of course! This was the concept that Gerhardt Kellermann adopted when he created his highly refined collection of recycled weaponry: Army Trash. Just take a grenade, defuse it (I’m assuming) paint it with gold and pink enamel, bejewel it with the finest […]

Home Defense Made Easy

This table design has made the rounds, but it’s just smart enough to become a phenomenon: The Safe Bedside Table is a brilliant combination of modernist side table and billy club and shield. I originally found this post at Oh! Gizmo, then at TreeHugger, then at Spluch, and finally at its source: James McAdam (the […]

Press Button, Receive Bacon

I saw this post on Brand Spankin’ New, and I wanted to share this piece of usability design with you. The pictogram is shown on the face of a hand dryer. The problem with the design of the hand dryer is how does the designer express to a user how you might use a hand […]

Bling H2O: Design Crack at its Worst

I just happened to notice this on Yahoo today, and I could not help but to put it on the blog. I present Bling H2O– the next best thing to selling luxury air is luxury water. The water is the brainchild of Kevin G. Boyd who is a Hollywood writer and producer (I’ll get to […]

Hotdoll by Clement Eloy

Clement Eloy is a French product designer with an idea to help out dogs when they get the urge. Mr. Eloy has produced a number of provocative product designs in the past couple years, but this one is the most visceral. The Hotdoll. There’s not much to say about the concept that isn’t already obvious. […]

Wedding Pills by Ted Noten

Ted Noten has been featured a couple of other times on this blog for his humorous conceptual products, so when I saw his latest creation on NOTCOT, wedding pills, I knew I had to include these objects. The objects are simple. They are two solid gold pills that are ingested during the wedding ritual in […]

Blindspot: Products for Couples by Jim Rokos

Jim Rokos, a recent graduate from Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design, London, has come up with a number of products designed to expose personal relationships between couples, and their ability to cooperate. I’ve included images from a couple of the products above. The top product is called My Other Half. It’s a […]

Smittens by Wendy Feller

I’ve been combing through the latest ID Magazine and I’ve found a number of pieces that were extremely compelling. One of my favorites is Smittens by Wendy Feller. They couldn’t be more aptly named. These are mittens for couples who are smitten (sorry for the obvious observation). This seems like such unique novelty design at […]