Ted Talk: Theo Jansen

Theo Jansen has been creating strange animal robots for years, and it is unlike anything I have ever seen before. I find Mr. Jansen particularly inspiring because he uses a completely different paradigm for how his robots move. Before, I would thing of extremely heavy gears and servos moving a bulky frame. Theo Jansen does […]

John Maeda: TED Talk on The Laws of Simplicity

I’ve recently read John Maeda’s book, The Laws of Simplicity. It’s the perfect book for any young ambitious designer because the laws help bring any design down to its essential parts without being too simple. But if you don’t have time to read the book, then watch this Awesome video made at the TED Conference.”

TED Talks: Jeff Han and His Incredible Touch Screen

Dudes! I’ve been meaning to put this video up for weeks! This is a video from the TED conference in Monterey, CA of a lecture given by Jeff Han. Jeff is an interaction designer… or one who designs the interface for people to interact with machines. He has created a touch screen for your computer […]

Green Week: TED Talks- Alex Steffen on Inspired ideas for a sustainable future

What is the deal with all the TED videos? I know, I know. I can’t help it, though. These videos really put a spark in my mind when I’m designing as to how I should look at a project. But, the week is almost up , so I will be going back to covering fun […]

Green Week: TED Talks- Paul Bennett on Design is in the details

I’m covering green design this week, and OK. Honestly, Paul Bennett’s name doesn’t first pop up when I think “green designer”, but what he does for IDEO as the creative director is remarkable just the same. Paul Bennett looks for the small ideas to make big improvements in the world, and he does this through […]

Green Week: TED Talks- Janine Benyus shares 12 sustainable design ideas from nature

Janine Benyus is the author of the book: Biomimicry and a self professed nature nerd. What she has unleashed with her book is a popular consciousness of the power of nature and nature’s design. In the video I’ve included from the 2006 TED conference in Monterey, Janine introduces 12 design ideas that have the potential […]

Green Week: TED Talks- Ross Lovegrove on The power and beauty of organic design

Is Ross Lovegrove really a green designer? He designs in a way that mimics natural organisms in form. Some would say that simply mimicking the form of a natural surface for the purposes of making a lovely chair is a bit of a design cop-out. There are no lessons learned from the natural object he […]

Green Week: TED Talks- William McDonough on Cradle to Cradle

William McDonough may be the most important green designer of our time if only to introduce broad concepts and issue difficult challenges. He certainly does much more, but his preaching the gospel of sustainable design is a needed kick in the but to do more. In this lecture, Mr. McDonough explains his concept of cradle […]

Green Week: TED Talks- Cameron Sinclair on Open-source architecture to house the world

This is another important “Green Lecture” that I have found extremely inspirational in my own work (as a designer for an architect in San Francisco): Cameron Sinclair is the co-founder of Architecture for humanity, and an all round good guy. His interest in design and humanitarian efforts has led him to research and run competitions […]

Green Week: TED Talks- Amy Smith on Simple designs that could save millions of childrens’ lives

First, I would like to mention that in honor of last week’s Earth Day, I will be featuring Green products and videos to help in spire the designer and consumer alike. Most of the videos are from the TED conference held in Monterey. If you are not familiar with the TED conference, then definitely find […]