Links to the Top International Fashion Weeks

As you may know, I’ve been hard pressed to create good quality posts with the birth of our son Lawrence. He is a tiny but precocious little fellow who has kept us on our toes. Since November 15th, my life has felt like one long and unending day. What do you do under heavily sleep […]

10 Questions To Ask Yourself When Tagging Flickr Photos

Today, I’m diverting from the topic of design to discuss something that often times gets overlooked when uploading photos to websites like Flickr. I use Flickr a lot to show photos. Flickr is an excelent way to drive traffic to your blog especially if your blog is extremely photo intensive. But just posting all of […]

Props for my weekly post at 2Modern Design Talk

If you were wondering what happened over the past week at 100% Design in London, I put together an extremely thin, but slightly handy post on this awesome event. Check it HERE.

Design 21: A Design Social Network With Teeth

Design 21 is a Design Social Network I just read about in this month’s ID Magazine. When I went to the site I was skeptical of it’s ability to connect designers, but after a quick look around, I realized that the site might just be my new and only social network that I need to […]

New Designers: A Place to Find Young Design Talent in the UK

Looking for a youngster to design you something? Why not start by searching through the infinite list of design talent at the New Designers Website! I don’t want to say too much because searching through this site is a must. Basically, it’s filled with tons of student and recently graduated designers and their portfolios. I […]

Ephemera Collecting: A Graphic Designer’s Dream Inspiration

by Roadside Pictures I found this along with a number of design resources that will inspire any graphic designer. This inspiration came to me through the chain of Coudal Partners, via DDC. I’m a long time Flickr user, but my mind is being blown again by yet another resource on Flickr, their ephemera collection. If […]