Noticed: The Plastic Chair Reconsidered

Yet another Dwell post referred. Thank you Brian Fichtner for putting together the very post I’ve wanted to write. My title was tenantively: “The Plastic Garden Chair: What the Fuck?” There is an amazing trend to redesign and modify this simplest and cheapest of iconic chairs. I call it the deer antlers of 2008. People […]

Dan Funderburgh Snapshot

A quick referral to a referral: Dan Funderburgh. He is, as the Dwell Blog says, a renaisance man. He is a graphic designer and wallpaper wonderkind. But what I really like about his work is the baroque almost obsessive level with which he makes every day objects very special. Case in point: a simple fire […]

2008 IDEA Design Awards – BusinessWeek

Businessweek recently created a special report highlighting several winners of the 2008 IDEA Awards. Consequently, IDEA stands for the International Design Excelence Award. In the report are a host of articles including a focus on Brazil, a design organization that strives to fix the voting process, and a look at IDEA megatrend: elegance and simplicity(hello! […]

Greener by Design Conference Results: Business as Usual

I recently received a recent press release on the Greener by Design Conference that just occurred in Washington D.C.. The author of the press release sent me a link to the results of the key panel ending the conference. What was the result? The same old hemming and hawing you hear at every green design […]

Wallpaper’s Architects Directory 2008

Shibuya Station, by Tadao Ando, photo credit: Satoshi Minakawa Kay from Wallpaper always sends me the most interesting bits from her publication. Today, for instance, she sent me a link to their brand new Architects Directory 2008. The by-line of Wallpaper directory is The World’s 50 hottest young architecture practices. Not to toot my own […]

False Flat: Why Dutch Design is So Good- The Ultimate List of Contemporary Dutch Designers

I just received from Phaidon yesterday False Flat: Why Dutch Design is So Good. False Flat is, in a sense, a compendium of contemporary Dutch Design. The book so much more, but I will get to this is a proper book review in a week or two. But for now, I thought I would put […]

Summer Sale at Paul Smith!

If you are fashion conscious and relatively well off, run to the nearest Paul Smith store for a mind blowing sale! Yeah, the Paul Smith collection is still out of reach for us trolls. This T-shirt, for instance, has been marked down from $300 to $150. Wow 50% off! But wait. Still expensive? It’s worth […]

My Top Ten Favorite Design Objects from ID’s 2008 Design Review

ID, a magazine that I follow religiously, recently released their 2008 Design Review. Rather than go through each category, piece by piece, I decided to feature my top ten favorite projects or products. Each of the objects has a number of fantastic characteristics, but to keep Text to a minimum and image to a maximum, […]

DIY Vinyl Toy Speakers

My Dream has come true. Speakers that look like small babies. Check out the Instructibles post via Core 77 for information on how to make your own great speakers! Also, check out a similar speaker that I covered a couple of years ago. Wow! The similarities! DIY Vinyl Toy Speakers

Insider Look at a Blu Dot Photoshoot

What does Minneapolis mean to you? For most, it means Prince. To me, I think Husker Du. But to design freaks and addicts, it means the hometown of one of the strongest young furniture brands in the world: Blu Dot. Anyone interested in the photography process of a major furniture catalog will also enjoy this […]