Massive Sale at sixinch


Sixinch, the design superstars, are having a massive sale on all of their furniture. If you’re not familiar with their collections, check out the sixinch website. Just keep in mind that if you see something you like you’re going to have to find a friend in Kontich, Belgium to attend the sale. Is it worth […]

Gift Guide: Sex Toys

Christmas is just around the corner, and it recently occurred to me that a wonderful gift you might consider giving to your lady-friend is a device that can produce ecstasy. I must admit to you, I have not tried any of these stimulating devices myself. In fact, I’ve only chosen them based upon their innovative […]

Design Book Magazine: What Design Crack is All ABout

Tonight, I’m spending some time cleaning my books, and getting all of the press releases out of my in box. One I received is for a new magazine about sexuality and excess called Design Book Magazine. This is a bit like Wallpaper but slightly raunchier and not as good… but still very interesting. What’s really […]

People’s Design Award A Free For All

After only being open a few days, the People’s Design Award created and maintained by the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum has had some strange submissions. Cooper Hewitt has left the winners up to the people to decide as well as the nominees. Some of the nominated designs include Get Smart’s shoe phone, the Suzanne Sommers’ […]

Osler House by Marcio Kogan

I have very little to say about this house. When trying to come up with a reason for including it on the blog, the only thing that came to mind is: “looks cool”. This is not the criteria I hoped to use when I started design crack. But what the hell… One funny thing about […]

Pachinko Parlours are Las Vegas at the Extremes

Ping Mag has posted an insightful account of the pachinko architecture industry leading me to believe that I will never be able to know as much as I would want about this world. I could spend a lifetime studying the accuteness of this strnge design style. PingMag – The Tokyo-based magazine about “Design and Making […]

Design Shopping in Venice

The New York Times “The Moment” Blog points towards some interesting design shopping in Venice this week. As you know, the Venice Biennale is in full force with the cinema extraveganza coinciding with one of the world’s largest and most interactive art expos. Of course, if you need a break, where to go to shop […]

Holley House, New York

Wallpaper has created another interactive post of new modern residential architecture. This month, they feature the Holley House, a simple Miesian brick house built near Garrison, New York. The work borrows the smart use of heavy planes that ground the house in a similar way to the Barcelona Pavilion. Holley House, New York – Architecture […]

Droog redesigns website

Droog has done a complete overhaul on their website to make it so much more handy. If you’re not familiar with Droog, they are one of the most influential organizations in Dutch Design. It’s a treat to explore their wittey design objects and furniture, and it’s een more of a pleasure to explore this easily […]

Wallpaper* Selects – Art – – International Design Interiors Fashion Travel

Wallpaper has incited an impressive collection of photo shoots over the years, so why not capitalize on their fantastic collection by offering a number of their best shots in a limited printing. Photography collectors take notice! The first collection includes images by Jonathan de Villiers, Mauricio Alejo, Jonathan Frantini, Christopher Griffith, Stefan Ruiz, Daniel Stier, […]