New Academic Building, Cooper Union, New York by Morphosis

I’m embarrassed to tell you that I started this post months ago. I was in New York in May when I went by the building site, and at that time the building was still at the stage where the contractor’s were doing sitework. This new building will be the New Academic Building for Cooper Union, […]

40 Bond Condominiums, New York by Herzog & de Meuron

About a month ago, now, a friend of mine and toured New York for the latest in architectural works. I had been told that the design duo, Herzog & de Meuron, had been commissioned to design a new condominium building in Noho. So, we went to take a look. My first impression when we arrived […]

New York Times Building by Renzo Piano Building Workshop

A couple of weeks ago, my brother in law, Scott, dropped me off at the ferry terminal in Hoboken, New Jersey. I had to wait about ten minutes for the Ferry to make it over, so I spent some time just gazing over at the skyline of midtown Manhattan. Something looked new to me. Something […]

One Bryant Park, New York by Cook + Fox

One Bryant Park by Cook + Fox is probably the first really “green” tower I’ve heard of. What I mean by “green” tower is that the tower has implemented a number of techniques to lower the amount of materials wasted in constructing the building as well as creating the least amount of impact on the […]

The High Line and the Standard Hotel, New York

I have very little time this morning to get this post up, so please excuse my brevity and bad grammar. This is the High Line (seen above), a multi-mile strip of elevated railroad track running straight through some of Manhattan’s hottest neighborhoods. It was originally used as a means to transport goods out of factories […]

100 11th Street Condominiums, Chelsea, New York by Jean Nouvel

Yesterday, I wrote about the IAC building in Chelsea, New York. Today, I wanted to point out a building that is just underway right across the street from the IAC called 100 11th Ave. It’s a condominium project designed by another world famous architect, Jean Nouvel. My feelings about this building (at least how it’s […]

The IAC Building by Frank Gehry

Recently, I made my way through Manhattan’s (or at least mid-Manhattan’s) latest buildings. I lived in L.A. years ago and even had the opportunity to draw working drawings, along with dozens of other people, on Frank Gehry’s Disney Concert Hall. The concert hall was phenomenal in my mind. I’ve been pretty high on Gehry’s work […]

The New Museum, New York by Sejima + Nishizawa / SANAA

The New Museum, founded in 1977 by former Whitney Curator, Marcia Tucker, may be one of the most provocative and interesting buildings going up in Manhattan currently. The building is a 7 story, 60,000 square foot homage to the newest of new art designed by Sejima + Nishizawa. On Sunday last week, I happened upon […]