Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon TOM DIXON the company was started by Tom Dixon and David Begg in 2002. Since its inception, the company has developed its own collection of contemporary lighting and furniture including the acclaimed Mirror Ball Collection of lights and more recently Copper Shade. TOM DIXON designs have entered the international major league through renowned […]


Valcucine High technology, formal simplicity, pure and essential lines are the main features of Artematica. The high quality level derives from the technical innovation used to create the first single-block door in dematerialised layered laminate. It is made from an aluminium structural frame to which various types of panels in different materials are applied: HPL […]

ABC-Authentic Belgian Creativity : Colect

In 1998 Katrien Van Hulle, a Belgian interior architect, established “B”, an interior and design shop in Bruges, where she presents “Belgian produces with an A label”, a collection of Belgian furniture, lightning, linen, jewellery, ceramics, utilities to an international audience. When she started Colect in 2007, she aimed to promote her products internationally. The […]

ABC-Authentic Belgian Creativity : Bruno Meeus

Bruno Meeus’ design studio works with the furniture industry, conceiving and developing products and concepts in stainless steel for home: kitchen and bathroom. The designs are always reflecting sobriety, solidity and durability as absolute values leading to a pure and timeless character. Bruno Meeus commits himself to produce ecological technologies, that are reflected in lavabeau® […]

ABC-Authentic Belgian Creativity : Tamawa

Hubert Verstraeten received his training in Pforzheim and opened his workshop in Brussels in 1999. He distinguishes himself from jewellery designers by adopting the approach of applied art so as to come close to a formal language that uses techniques from serial production (3D, electro-erosion, injection moulding) and contemporary plastic materials such as polycarbonate and […]

ABC-Authentic Belgian Creativity : Sofie Lachaert

Sofie Lachaert, designer, active in the promotion of contemporary jewellery and silverware, thinks up, develops and realises many extraordinary objects, installations, exhibitions, both in her galleries in Belgium (Ghent – Tielrode) and elsewhere (f.i. Droog Design, Amsterdam,…). In Milan, she presents a bright green tricycle, a vendors cart, from way back the most authentic and […]

ABC-Authentic Belgian Creativity : Nedda El-Asmar

Nedda El-Asmar studied jewellery design and silversmithing. Nedda explores a world of seemingly simple shapes, ideally refined or oddly baroque, mixing classic elegance and a modern approach in a well-balanced, creative manner. Nedda El-Asmar has already won several awards and was elected ‘designer of the year 2007’ by Interieur Foundation/ Weekend-Knack / Weekend-LeVif/L’Express, Belgium. In […]

ABC-Authentic Belgian Creativity : MAXIMALdesign

MAXIMALdesign is a leading Belgian design agency founded by designers Maxime Szyf and Gert Verschueren. They have a unique approach by combining strategic services with several design disciplines – product, brand and interior design – in order to create consistent and compelling customer experiences across multiple points of interaction between brands and customers. Their track […]

ABC-Authentic Belgian Creativity : Mathias Claerhout

Mathias Claerhout is a self-made man who likes to bring together different materials to come to esthetical and high quality products. His design company, Mathias Claerhout Furniture, aims to distribute his in- and outdoor furniture on an international market. Its most important product is the high quality Deckhopper. ABC-Authentic Belgian Creativity : Mathias Claerhout

ABC-Authentic Belgian Creativity : L’Anverre

L’Anverre is a multi-disciplinary art collective that has been active since 1986 within the field of art, design and projects for tolerance. Creating art and developing design is the fruit of a common effort. The selection of handmade glass and ceramic containers, the umbellate parasol show us the wide variety of creative media L’Anverre tends […]