Berlin Design Dome

With the up to day largest presentation of Berlin in Milan in the Zona Tortona, the internationally known design district, the product designers, representatives of the UNESCO “City of Design” (title Berlin has acclaimed in 2006) exhibit their works to the international audience of producers, buyers and journalists. CREATE BERLIN

MyYour Furniture

The MyYour collection is a relatively young furniture company with a great deal of skill in not only crafting unique products but also presenting those products in the best possible light. And speaking of light… The Community table and chairs, which combines to make one monolithic form when not in use, has a beautiful detail […]

Holy Homes Designed for Tuttobene by Frederik Roijé

Tuttobene is a collection of Belgian and Dutch designers who work collectively to create a spectacle at Zona Tortona. Holy Homes Designed for Tuttobene by Frederik Roijé Two bird houses made out of the best porcelain. Designed for a period in time and love for nature. “In my belief there will be peace.” TuttoBeNe

David Trubridge

David Trubridge is a poet with narrow wood frames. His work takes on the sesibility of a handbuilt boat, but the shapes are more amorphous than the bow of a ship. 

Danish Crafts Collection: Charlotte Hargreave

“Hargreave completed her education at the Glass- and Ceramic School on Bornholm in 2002. Since 2004 she has run the glass workshop Celsiusglas with two other glass artists Sia Mai and Karin Mørch. Hargreave’s work is typically exploratory in nature, taking a specific technique as its starting point. Her works are created on the basis […]

Danish Crafts Collection: Mathias Bengtsson

“Bengtsson graduated from Danmarks Designskole in 1997 and from Royal College of Art in London in 1999. Mathias Bengtsson designs and produces modern furniture, which is visually captivating as well as being innovative in its productive technique. As a furniture designer he has created several series including the Slice-series, a sculptural and organic series of […]

Danish Crafts Collection: Carolina Vallejo

“Vallejo graduated from the Escola Massana in Barcelona, Spain in 1998 and from Guldsmedehøjskolen, Institut for Ædelmetal, in Copenhagen in 2001. She consciously works with materials that can imbue her ideas with layers of meaning, often gleaning inspiration from existential topics and philosophical questions that she seeks to debate through her choice of materials, design […]

Danish Crafts Collection: Lisbet Friis

“Lisbet Friis completed her education at Skolen for Brugskunst in Copenhagen in 1985. Friis works with textiles and colours in public and private spaces. She has accepted commissions for a number of international fashion companies including Epice, In-Wear and Kenzo. Friis has run a business in her own name since 1996 designing and producing limited, […]

Danish Crafts Collection: Povl Kjær

“Kjær trained at Kunsthåndværkerskolen I Kolding from 1974-76 and at Århus Kunstakademi from 1976-78. In 1981 he completed his training as a wood-carver and since then he has worked within most areas of his field on assignments like ornamentation, figures, models, reconstructions and restorations. Povl Kjær mainly works in wood and often accepts commissions from […]

Danish Crafts Collection: Claus Bjerre

“Bjerre studied at the University of Art and Design Helsinki and at Danmarks Designskole in Copenhagen where he graduated in 2000. He specializes in interior- and furniture design and in recent years he has been working with experimental design. Using furniture as his turning point Bjerre tests the limits of design, searching for design-methods and […]