London Design Links: Conran Shop

The Conran Shop is slowly but steadily becoming an international brand with shops going in across the world. They, of course, specialize in interior design objects, but they do much, much more. If you’re in London, then check out one f their beautiful shop locations and prepare to be impressed.

London Design Links: Atelier Abigail Ahern

“A quirky mix of objects of desire available to buy online. Quintessentially eclectic, utterly style conscious and a little bit of tongue in cheek, our pieces are sourced from around the globe bringing the best of other cultures into our own.” –Atelier Abigail Ahern

London Design Links: Designersblock

“Designersblock curates and produces international shows alongside major design events and trade shows, achieving significant media profile and industry acclaim. Shows take place in transitional architectural spaces and, since the company’s launch in 1998, over 380 companies and individuals have chosen Designersblock as a platform to promote themselves to an international audience. Designersblock provides a […]

London Design Links: Scarlet Projects

“Scarlet Projects was born on February 14th 2000. We offer a new approach to presenting, mediating and utilising design, architecture and visual culture. We are a creative agency, facilitating and producing new ideas. We work with a network of creative talent (both recognised and uncelebrated). We draw on our years of experience in different but […]

London Design Links: [re]design

“[re]design is a social enterprise that supports the work of designers who don’t want to make landfill. We are passionate about sustainable design and believe design can be a catalyst for positive social and environmental change. [re]design seeks out and promotes products that are genuinely ‘good’ and gorgeous. We put together pioneering projects that spark […]

London Design Links: Deptford Design Challenge

“A collaboration between Raw Nerve, Creative Lewisham Agency and the London Design Festival, the Deptford Design Market Challenge is bringing together an eclectic mix of 27 of the world’s top designers for an inventive and provocative project. The designers, who include Conran and Partners, Stuart Haygarth, Martí Guixé, and Based Upon, have each been asked […]

London Design Links: Design Nation Eureka 2007

“Named to represent the moment of inspiration that fuels the creative process, the Eureka Project is a Design-Nation initiative that encourages British retailers and manufacturers to commission British designers. ‘British’ refers to people who live and work in the UK, it is not used in the sense of place of birth, or country of passport, […]

London Design Links: Art Workers Guild

“The Guild is a society of artists, craftsmen and designers drawn together by a common interest in the interaction, development and distribution of creative skills. Together they represent and uphold a variety of views on design and stand for authenticity in a world increasingly uncertain about what is real. Authenticity is expressed in many ways, […]

London Design Links: Own It

“Representing a huge expansion from the original furniture design showroom opened almost forty years ago by Zeev Aram, the new store is a real family business. Zeev is joined in the venture by his son Daniel and by his daughter, Ruth, who has been established since 1995 in Hampstead with her Ruth Aram Shop, where […]

London Design Links: Okay Studio

Okay Studio is a fantastic collective of designers from Ron Arad’s RCA course on Design Products whose work is as diverse as their names: Hiroko Shiratori , Jorre Van Ast, Mathias Hahn, Oscar Narud, Peter Marigold, Shay Alkalay, and Tomás Alonso