American Express: Membership Can Get You Laid

Equals I’m a fashion addict. Being a fashion addict means I sign up for all the press releases to all the major fashion shows. Today I got one for the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Smiw 2009 in Miami. The MBFW really does a fantastic job of making you feel like a million bucks especially if you […]

Cool Foreign Design Councils

What are design councils? Short answer: I don’t know. Long answer: I believe design councils were formed by government agencies to promote their countries design talent. So, the design council lists and promotes significant designers and design related events throughout the country. Why is this so cool? Because it’s a concise way to find out […]

Graffiti Report Cards Are Not an Isolated Act

As you may or may not know, I made a graffiti report card as a simple way to give feedback to taggers and graffiti artists in my neighborhood. I liked the idea, so I promoted it around to a few blogs, just for fun. It got picked up on a few blogs pretty quickly, and […]

The Graffiti Report Card: Ugly Graffiti Haters Unite

Click on image to enlarge Now, in German! (Please find the badly written German version here) What is the Graffiti Report Card? The Graffiti Report Card is a mechanism that you can use to judge graffiti. It’s a sticker with an arrow on it that points to the graffiti. The sticker has a number of […]