Massive Sale at sixinch


Sixinch, the design superstars, are having a massive sale on all of their furniture. If you’re not familiar with their collections, check out the sixinch website. Just keep in mind that if you see something you like you’re going to have to find a friend in Kontich, Belgium to attend the sale. Is it worth […]

Cardboardesigns – Recycled Cardboard Furniture

I used to have a friend in college who had no money to speak of. How did he decorate his apartment? With cardboard furniture. At the time, this seemed strange to me. Then, I realized after sitting on this furniture on many occasions, that cardboard as furniture or houseware is light, compact, easy to move, […]

Clever Bastards- New Zealand art & design at it’s best

Cleverbastards comes to you from a group of people who are passionate about Kiwi creativity, and equally at home with the idea that the internet allows New Zealanders to do what we were always best at: talking to our neighbours, meeting strangers, sharing a yarn and sometimes doing business. Hunting for ingenious ideas, designs, art […]

Shop: Little Otsu (San Francisco)

Over the next few weeks, I hope to feature a number of stores from my city, San Francisco, that has what I would consider a high level of style and design sense. I live in the Mission, so it seems obvious that I’ll start at 19th and Valencia streets (where I live) and work out […]

Shop: Park Life (San Francisco)

Shop: Park Life Address: 220 Clement Street | San Francisco, CA 94118 URL: A couple of weeks ago, my wife and I went in to a new shop located on Clement Street in the Richmond District of San Francisco named “Park Life”. The street that Park Life is on is one of the most […]

Shop: Minnie Wilde (San Francisco)

Are you looking for clothing that is unique and affordable in the Mission District of San Francisco? There is no doubt you could stop off at one of the many local thrift stores, but if you want truly unique design, beautiful construction, and something that will virtually be an heir loom once you’ve bought it, […]

Where Do You Shop?

I need your input. I’m starting a new category on Design Crack called Great Shops. The theme is pretty simple: I will feature one or two shops each week in San Francisco that contain well designed stuff. But where do people like to shop for beautiful objects in other parts of the world? As an […]