Édition 2011 – ÉSAD Saint Etienne


        Over the next few days, I want to show off a couple of the Graduate Student projects from one of the top design schools in France, ESAD. The quality of the work is top notch, and unlike some schools there is not necessarily a prevailing style, but a rigorous and thoughtful […]

Designer Profile: 7760 / Ryan Harc

Ryan Harc is one of those designers whose mind you want to explore to find true brilliance.  The product concepts he creates such as the A vases shown above exhibit  extreme cleverness but with a restraint that can only be found in very few designers of his caliber. The vase above is perfect for a […]

Brand Profile: Skitch

I pulled this from Dezeen who have loaded up a comprehensive gallery of images of featuring probably the most significant brand launched at this year’s Salone in Milan. The brand is Skitsch, and it was founded by Renato Preti, a very important private equity investor behind such brands as B&B Italia. Now, he takes his […]

Designer Profile: Weltevree

“Weltevree is a Dutch product label. Weltevree develops and produces authentic products for the living environment. Appliances that satisfy our primary desires: distinctive, original and of excellent quality. Weltevree was born out of the need to make these products accessible to all.” That’s their hook. My hook is yet another masterful design studio with a […]

Designer Profile: OOOMS

OOOMS is a guy/girl design duo based in the Netherlands. Their work has a sort of random quality that has a bit of natural bent. The solar birdhouse is a recent product that creates a beacon for the garden at night without using any grid power to do so. I think it may scare the […]

Designer profile: Studio LIBERTINY

The work of Tomas Gabzdil Libertiny, a Slovakian-born designer based in the Netherlands, can best be described as obsessive-compulsive. But this complete devotion to his craft also leads to his profound and moving design experiments. As an example, he has recently created a Bic stained cabinet which gets its hue from collecting hundreds of Bic […]

Designer Profile: Karl Zahn

I know nothing about Karl Zahn except that months ago he sent me an email wondering if I might feature his stuff, and he is a genius. Why a genius? Just take a look at some of his clever product designs: How about cleat 2, a new outlet cover design that is actually a hell […]

Designer Profile: Paul Loebach

Paul Loebach is a Brooklyn based designer and woodworkers who’s roots are in Cincinnati. His work is characterized by a deep love for the craft of wood and pushing the limits on its traditions. For instance in his seating piece, Chair-o Space, Loebach uses the iconic turned wood legs which at first glance seems so […]

Designer Profile: Elseware

The New York based industrial design collective blurs the line between art and product. Its members joined together in 1999 to develop a new creative outlet for themselves and a forum for their work. Elseware works backwards from the public to manufacture through theme-based gallery exhibitions such as “watershed” in 1999. The success of this […]

Designer Profile: Sander Mulder

Over the years, Sander Mulder has grown to become an international operating design studio, which specializes in the field of furniture-, lighting- and interior design. Our characteristic designs have left their traces in homes, galleries and museums all over the world. via About | Sander Mulder.