Illinois Institute of Technology Institute of Design

“The Institute of Design (ID) is a graduate school of design at the Illinois Institute of Technology. We are dedicated to humanizing technology and improving the process of innovation, by developing and teaching a more methodological and human-centered approach to design. While most new products and services today are created in response to technology, marketing, […]

University of Illinois at Chicago School of Art and Design

“The programs of the School of Art and Design provide students with the aesthetic and critical perspectives vital for professional careers in art and design. Central to the UIC approach are studio courses which engage students in the development of significant creative works as well as independent research — utilizing the interdisciplinary resources of one […]

Art Institute of Cincinnati, The

“AIC’s philosophy is to teach the fundamentals first. Like any stable building it is important to build on a strong foundation. We encourage students to express and explore their creativity while developing individual skills. The Art Institute of Cincinnati has limited enrollment and is selective when recruiting new students. Seeking people who have the love […]

University of Cincinnati School of Design College of DAAP

University School of Design Facilities “Undergraduate and graduate programs empower students in our School of Design with a core of knowledge that provides a solid educational base. Our students are prepared for careers in Digital, Fashion, Graphic, and Industrial Design by a passionate faculty, and through rigorous academic endeavors, complemented by an invaluable professional practice […]

Cleveland Institute of Art

“Educating students to realize their artistic dreams is integral to our mission as one of the nation’s leading colleges of art and design. The Cleveland Institute of Art’s dedicated faculty nourishes and cultivates creativity and artistic vision, enabling our students to flourish in their chosen careers. Our philosophy of educating the total artist is exemplified […]

Columbus College of Art & Design

” Welcome to Columbus College of Art & Design (CCAD), one of the largest and oldest private art colleges in the United States. Recognized as a leader in visual arts education and as a resource for artists and the community, CCAD advances a distinct learning culture by blending a tradition of professionalism and a commitment […]

Ohio State University Department of Industrial, Interior, and Visual Communication

“We define design as a purposeful, systematic, and creative activity. The process is purposeful—designers give form to products, interiors, and visual communications, and satisfy the functional, psychological, and aesthetic needs of users. Design is systematic, as it involves the analysis of problems in our physical environment, and the transformation of findings into appropriate and usable […]

Metropolitan State College of Denver- Industrial Design

“The Industrial Design major focuses on product design in manufacturing industries. An industrial designer creates new product shapes and styles or re-designs existing products that need improvement. Designers first create and develop ideas and then transform those ideas to renderings, to mock-ups, to models and finally to prototypes. Designers are found in every part of […]

Art Institute of Colorado

“Art Institute of Colorado students come from across the country and around the world. They are dedicated men and women who strive for excellence. Faculty members bring a broad range of creativity, knowledge and professional experience into the classroom, and our staff is dedicated to contributing numerous support services. Together, we work in an atmosphere […]

College for Creative Studies, Detroit

“The College for Creative Studies, one of the nation’s leading art education institutions, provides a dynamic learning environment where students explore issues of art and design, while preparing for careers in the professional world. In addition, we offer non-credit courses in the visual arts through our Continuing Education programs and provide opportunities for youth through […]