High-Line NYC


It’s been two years since I’ve visited the High Line in the Chelsea District and Meat Packing District of New York. Since my last visit, a couple of remarkable things have happened: One to me and one to the High Line. I had a stroke of luck to have an image I took of the […]

Zip ties on Bowery


I’m really curious where I can get such great zip tie colors?

Museum für Angewandte Kunst Köln

  With the IMM in Cologne just happening last week, I’ve been scanning everything Cologne. One asset in this design city is their design museum, MAKK. Museum für Angewandte Kunst Köln.

Base in a Box Instant Kitchen

The FOB is a containerized base camp solution designed to set up in an emergency, and contains everything needed to run sanitary kitchen. The FOB (forward base unit) kitchen is housed in four containers and can accommodate between 300 to 600 people. The interior surfaces of the containers are made of stainless steel, and UV […]

Big Idea, Little Printer: Exclusive Q&A with Matt Webb, Principal & CEO of Berg

The Interwebosphere has been abuzz with news about the very device that may be spell—or rather, print—its unmaking: earlier this week, London-based design consultancy Berg unveiled their latest innovation, the Little Printer. The desktop device is roughly the size of a cube of Post-It notes, configured to produce a receipt-sized analogue for a newspaper featuring […]

AU 2011: Perceptive Pixel’s 82" Multi-Touch Monster Display

Every year at the Autodesk University Exhibit Hall we see at least one piece of technology that blows us away. This year's socks-knocker-offer was Perceptive Pixel's 82″ Multi-Touch Display, which was frequently mobbed and saw company founder Jeff Han endlessly being forced to provide demo after demo to enthusiastic crowds. (There were 8,000 attendees, so […]

The Wounded Warrior Home Project at Fort Belvoir

UCSF construction barrier

San Francisco-based Altitude recently designed a 400-foot section of the construction barrier mural surrounding the new UCSF Medical Center campus in Mission Bay. Messages of uncertainty, strength, and hope from patients journal entries engage audiences up close, and at a distance, to help shed light on the experience of being young and in a hospital. […]

The Future Of Learning: Open Source Education

The key to providing access to and engaging people in fun and fulfilling education is to create shared communities that reward participation.

Automated Phone System That Can Read Emotions

Researchers have developed a emotion recognition system that will adapt to human's emotional states.