Another Boring Post: Our First Contest Winner!

A huge thanks to all those who signed up for the newsletter. As you may or may not know, for every 50 people that sign up for the email newsletter I choose one of the subscribers at random to win a prize. I contacted our first winner a couple of weeks ago, and this was […]

The Graffiti Report Card: Ugly Graffiti Haters Unite

Click on image to enlarge Now, in German! (Please find the badly written German version here) What is the Graffiti Report Card? The Graffiti Report Card is a mechanism that you can use to judge graffiti. It’s a sticker with an arrow on it that points to the graffiti. The sticker has a number of […]

A Toast to Toast and Tables

The other day, i was contacted by a person that had just started a site called “Toast and Tables” . They thanked me for my site and wanted to exchange links. I took a look at the site, and it’s kind of exciting. It’s a site that only focuses on one very tiny thing: dressing […]

Feedback Requested!

What would people really like to read or find useful? These are some ideas I have for the site, and I want to know which you prefer: reviews of local design shops designer interviews design competitions or contests more product reviews more architecture reviews more fashion reviews audio podcasts Also, if you have any ideas […]

A quick note about the email contest

Hi All, If you’ve subscribed by email, guess what? You are entered to win one of ten prizes. For every fifty people that sign up for the newsletter, I give away a prize. We just passed our first fifty email subscribers. Someone has won the first prize. I contacted that person a couple of days […]

Recycled Bags By Maldita Adelita

You know, originally when I started this post way back in November of 2006, I wanted to show the world these wild handbags. The purses in the picture above are made by Maldita Adelita (which sounds made up to me) and are made of recycled plastic bags cut into strips and woven into the striking […]

A Shout Out for Jet Set Posters

I would like to direct people to a small but brilliant collection of posters curated and sold by my friend, Nik Schulz. Nik is a graphic designer / illustrator here in San Francisco, and I ran in to him, of all places, and a design innovation awards ceremony hosted by Metropolis Magazine and Herman Miller. […]

A Quick Note to Email Subscribers

I’m having some technical difficulty getting the images in the emails and feeds as they show up on the site. Each post usually contains some richly composed pictures, and you can still see these by simply clicking on the title of the article. I hope to have this fixed in no time. Also, people are […]

Normally I wouldn’t Toot My Own Horn, But…

Normally, I wouldn’t too my own horn, but I will. I work at the architecture firm of David Baker and Partners. David is the principal and owner of the firm, and the design force behind all of the projects. That being said, we all contribute highly to the design and construction of the buildings. I’m […]

DIGG(ish) WordPress Theme Offered to the Masses

A couple of months ago, I announced my first WordPress Theme designed from scratch. WordPress is the software that I use to write this blog. The software is extremely flexible, and allows me to design the site to look exactly how I would like. To learn WordPress a bit better, I decided to created a […]