Graffiti Report Card and a Bread Lobster

Someone dropped me a line about a week ago. They were walking by and saw that someone had pasted a graffiti report card here in SF. This, of course, boosted my ego a bit. I figured after everyone was calling me an idiot for even proposing such an idea as the graffiti report card (see […]

We’re Taping a Podcast This Friday

The Design Crack Podcast numbers three and four will be taped on Friday. We’re covering a number of topics not the least is Morphosis’ new Federal Building here in San Francisco. Is it glorious or a monstrosity, or a glorious monstrosity? We’ll talk about our visceral reactions, as well as anything else we come up […]

Ash, Come on Down!

You are the latest winner of the Design Crack Email Newsletter Contest! Send me a note, and I’ll ship off your prize. For more information on what you get, check out: I also sent you a personal note from my Yahoo email to claim your prize. Thanks for subscribing! Brandon at Design Crack

Quick Note: evanclabots- You are a winner!

The last winner didn’t come forward to claim his or her prize, so I randomly chose another name: evanclabots. If this is you, email me at to claim your prize and put “designcrackprize” in the subject header. You can choose from a couple of different prizes see HERE. If no one comes forward my […]

Yet Another Winner for the Design Crack Email Newsletter Contest!

Whether you realized this or not, if you signed up for an email newsletter, you were entered to win a prize from Design Crack. Our first winner received her gift about two months ago, and I was thrilled to give out the prize which was a funky matchbook designed originally by Tobias Wong. We have […]

Letters From Nigeria: Yet Another Design Crack Thang

My close friends sometimes call me crazy for my impulse to constantly buy new domain names. I buy one for every weird idea that pops in my head. You never know when it might come in handy, right? Besides, they cost less than a dollar a month to register. In the past year, I’ve registered […]

We are soooo close to giving away our second prize!

Anyone who has signed up for the Design Crack email newsletter is eligible to win a prize. Every time 50 people sign up, I give out another prize. People: I urge you to tell your friends, so I can give away these prizes. They’ve just been sitting here collecting duct. To check out what you […]

A Weekend in New York

New York Graffiti Originally uploaded by I’ll be off the next four days for a quick trip to New York. I’ll be checking out the latest exhibits at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum including Design for the other 90%. However, these are all the plans I have. If you can suggest any other no-miss […]

Design Crack Guide to Cool Magazines

First, let me apologize for the distinct lack of posting in the past week. I’ve been working on a number of Design Crack related items including podcasts, design projects, how-to design guides, and on and on. But most of this stuff won’t see the light of day for a number of weeks, so I thought […]

A Huge Thank You to 2Modern

I want to send out a huge thank you to Greg and everyone at 2Modern who has signed up to be Design Crack’s very first sponsor. And, I could not ask for a better sponsor. The 2Modern team has a knack for picking out pretty amazing products at really good prices, and I’m quite jealous, […]