Tuesday Props: Museum of Bad Art

Trish sent me this tip about 2 months ago, and I’m really sorry I never got around to putting this up, but it’s as good as ever: MOBA (or the Museum of Bad Art). I’ve actually looked at this site before and determined that, in fact, all the art is bad. The site reminds me […]

Thursday Props: Graphic Define Magazine

This reader submission was sent in from Dan. He wanted me and the world of Design Crack know about GraphicDefine Magazine. My first impression of the magazine is it has some really handy articles when it comes to running a graphic design practice or a creative practice in general. I really commend this small publication […]

Thursday Props: Dutch by Design

A reader sent me this link some time ago, and I’m embarrassed that I’ve not published this yet. It’s a link to DutchByDesign, a very well curated online design shop. I’ve actually visited the site many times looking for just the right gifts. This site has something for everyone… that is, something for everyone who […]

Sunday Props: Up To You

I recently got an email announcing a new and really cute design shop called Up To You. It recently opened in Toronto, Canada by brother and sister team: Bill and Dimitra Doufekas. They described their new shop in an email to me: “The idea behind our shop was to create a voyeuristic experience for our […]

Sunday Props: Paola’s Question About My Job Board

Paola has written me a couple of weeks back asking about the Design Crack Job Board. You didn’t know we had a job board? We do! Check this out. Paola, and anyone with a relatively popular website can create a job board of their own as well. Just go to Job-a-matic, and sign up. It’s […]

Sunday Prop: A Raf Simons Update Plus Dazed Digital

Kirsti from Dazed Digital has sent me a recent interview of fashion designer, Raf Simons, as a follow up to a post I made a couple of weeks ago on Mr. Simons’ latest collection. The interview is eye opening, and I really enjoyed it, but I must put out a huge complement to Dazed Digital’s […]

New, Improved Newsletter in the Works

To all of my email newsletter subscribers: A much better email newsletter is in store. There are a number of things I’ve changed: The newsletter will be sent once per week at normal intervals rather than several times per week at random times. The newsletter will have the best weekly posts from the site. I’ve […]

Mine’s OK Tape at the California Design Biennial

Mine, a San Francisco graphic design firm founded by Christopher Simmons, has sent me a press release for their ingenious project: OK Tape. Their project is showing at this year’s California Design Biennial along with many of the more well known objects of desire such as the iPhone ( you may have heard of this). […]

My favorite local design shop is dead :(

I know, I know. Friend has been closed for a couple of months now and it makes me very sad. Friend, as you may know, was located in Hayes Valley in San Francisco on a trendy and well populated corner. The shop was a smallish impeccably detailed storefront filled with the greatest collection of high-concept […]

Adopt a Blog

Were you thinking of starting a blog but were afraid that it would be a huge waste of time? Maybe you just want to write. Well, now is your opportunity to adopt a blog! All you do is write, rant, and make a little money on the side doing it. I maintain the blog, build […]