OLPG: One Laptop per Granny

Bruce Nussbaum has suggested a new program that is a spinoff of the OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) project. He suggests putting as much design innovation into helping old folks as was put into the OLPC. So, how do we start? I guess the first area would be to conduct a great deal of interviews […]

Not by the hair…

of my Chinny Chin Chin as the nursery rhyme goes. Chinny Chin Chin is the name of a design collective based in Australia, and I’m not sure what this has to do with this outstanding collection of  products they’ve made, but my guess is the domain name was available. Or maybe there are three people […]

Just Announced: The Home Flame Collection by Radius Design

Radius Design is a hugely talented German based design firm. I’m always tickled pink when I get press releases from companies with so much talent because when I see their work I feel like the quality and design speaks for itself, and why would they need me to expose their product? Definitely check out their […]

An Exclusive Peek at the T33 Lamp by Triode

I find it extremely exciting when designers send me the images of their prototypes to show on the blog. Even better than that is when the designs are as glorious as the T33 Lamp by Paris based design studio, Triode. They have smart marketers over at this design house because this lamp is just up […]

National Design Week: The Cooper Hewitt Gets together with Target to get the Country Excited About Design

This week, as you may or may not know, is National Design Week. Copper-Hewitt, for the past several years has created sort of a design spectacle every fall (with help from Target) that honors the design achievements of the past year. They offer awards in the categories off Architecture, Interiors, Product, Fashion, and on down […]

Design Crack in Texas Monthly’s Fashion Issue

Check out this month’s Fashion Issue of Texas Monthly. There, you will find a some beautiful photo spreads, great tips on fashion, and an illustrated version of myself along with five other bloggers who write about fashion and design and are from Texas. That’s right. I’m from Texas. Yeeehaw! And, I’m now a cartoon. I […]

Technorati Link Exchange: Could it Work?

In an ever expanding text to expand my audience at Design Crack, I’ve decided to participate in an experiment lead by a post on Dosh Dosh. Will it work? I don’t know, but I thought it might be fun trying! If you’re wondering what Technorati is, it’s a blog search engine that indexes a large […]

Tuesday Props: 20ltd

20ltd is a link that someone sent to me, and I’ve been very impressed with the site. Essentially, 20ltd has taken the concept of Design Crack and turned it into a retail business, which, I would like to add, is much more difficult and riskier than simply talking about design. So, 20ltd, I give you […]

Sunday Props: Jellio

Wow. I’m still feeling guilty about the previous post, but on to bigger and better things… Someone sent me this link to a design store named Jellio. It’s my new favorite freak show. I really have to get to work, but I urge all readers to take a look. I mean, how can you go […]

Tuesday Props: Oddpodz

I got a note from someone recently promoting their site called Oddpodz. It’s a social networking site for the creative class. It’s a place to show off your work, and have fun meeting other creatives… Take a look and let me know what you think. I think there is a ton of potential here. I […]