Well Designed Gifts Under Fifty Dollars

From wooden blocks to fabulous bowls, I’ve found a ton of well designed products for those who want to give a unique, well designed gift but don’t have a huge amount of money. Sorry, but these aren’t the cheapest gifts you can possibly give, but they strike a fine balance between price and style.

Spaceless: Sandy Lam’s Expert Solution to Tiny Outdoor Spaces

I received this email about a year ago, and just never had time to post this. Sandy Lam has created an ingenious system. The pieces of furniture are built into the floor of a terrace and easily slide up to create a table or a bench. This is the perfect furniture solution for people who […]

Stack by Shay Alaklay and Raw Edges for Established & Sons

I remember back in college the first time I ever saw a Rem Koolhaas house. I cannot remember the name of the house, now, but it was built for a wheelchair bound man and his wife. The house seemed simple enough at first glance, but it always seemed odd to me. Much later, I realized […]

casa tóló by álvaro leite siza vieira

I design buildings for a living, and has recently struck me that my portfolio consists of zero projects that are more exclusively my own. Couple this with my mother’s move to the west coast, my growing family’s need for more space, and the availability of cheaper land in the East Bay hills, and I’m thinking […]

juxtaposed: religion by mike & maaike

Juxtaposed: religion is called by blankblank, the producers of this shelf, a curated bookshelf. They have brought together the most important religious texts and displayed the in perfect balance and harmony. This is the perfect gift for those family members who are wearing a pink sheet one day and a yarmulka the next. Unfortunately, at […]

Wallpaper’s Architects Directory 2008

Shibuya Station, by Tadao Ando, photo credit: Satoshi Minakawa Kay from Wallpaper always sends me the most interesting bits from her publication. Today, for instance, she sent me a link to their brand new Architects Directory 2008. The by-line of Wallpaper directory is The World’s 50 hottest young architecture practices. Not to toot my own […]

My Top Ten Favorite Design Objects from ID’s 2008 Design Review

ID, a magazine that I follow religiously, recently released their 2008 Design Review. Rather than go through each category, piece by piece, I decided to feature my top ten favorite projects or products. Each of the objects has a number of fantastic characteristics, but to keep Text to a minimum and image to a maximum, […]

Waldo/45 Table and Benches by James Burleigh

I was eating an everlasting gobbstopper today. Maybe you remember this candy? It is a candy that has a beautiful, shiny candy coating and within the coating are the multicolored strata of candy goodness. I’m not sure why, exactly, but the Waldo/45 table by James Burleigh when I saw it immediately transported me to 9am […]

Help! I Fallen for Help Remedies and I Can’t Get Enough.

I’m in love with the spartan and extremely generic packaging shown in an article at trend central.

iSpy: A modest iPhone App Proposal

Do you want the truth? iSpy proposes to help you find it. iSpy is an application that takes advantage of the iPhone’s new abilities to add highly integrated applications and locate iPhone users through the iPhone’s GPS system.