Sruli Recht and Inaisce


Some has come up with a way to market Peter Jackson’s costume designer’s vision for the Hobbit. Sruli Recht and Inaisce.

Pentax K-01

  Pentax K-01. I grew up with a Pentax k series camera . Now,  an icon of contemporary design has redesigned a classic for the digital age. I’m in love.

buddy table by bao-nghi droste design

bao-nghi droste design

Buddy Table is iconic and beautiful because it’s so simple. Just three tapered ash posts and a powder coated aluminum bowl. I like this piece because it’s minimal form seems effortless but the piece must have been quite complex to construct. bao-nghi droste design.

Yet another USB clip


The time has come to feature yet another USB cutesy thing. This one happens to be in the shape of a paper clip. Rah!

Massive Sale at sixinch


Sixinch, the design superstars, are having a massive sale on all of their furniture. If you’re not familiar with their collections, check out the sixinch website. Just keep in mind that if you see something you like you’re going to have to find a friend in Kontich, Belgium to attend the sale. Is it worth […]



      First, let me state that I don’t speak French, which means I probably have no idea what the original concept for these series of pieces are. But I love the pieces all the same. They are primitive, heavy, chunky pieces which make up a kitchen suite. In this suite, we have chairs […]

Édition 2011 – ÉSAD Saint Etienne


        Over the next few days, I want to show off a couple of the Graduate Student projects from one of the top design schools in France, ESAD. The quality of the work is top notch, and unlike some schools there is not necessarily a prevailing style, but a rigorous and thoughtful […]

Schwab Panther Table


      Rarely do you see a design duo with such a focused vision. These guys are the masters of 3/8″ dia. powder coated tube steel. I would go so far as saying their work surpasses the Eileen Grey table of the early 20th Century.   PROJECTS.

Mathias Hahn: Jinn Lamp

mathias hahn jinn lamp

Mathias Hahn is a fantastically talented designer. Here just one of his dozen or so designs that are beautiful and functional. In the Jinn Lamp the design looks back at old camping lanterns for inspiration. My favorite aspect of the lamp, though, is the thoughtful choices of materials and finishes. The base, although metal I […]

insane wood art from web urbanist


      Web Urbanist has a really fun post on 28 wood creations that may not be the most practical things to do in wood, but are certainly fun. These items bring woody cars to a whole new level. Knock On Wood, Then Drive It! 28 Crazy Wooden Creations | WebUrbanist.