Vase by Francois Azambourg for Cappellini

Francois Azambourg has designed a piece of pottery that rivals the paintings of Joan Miro. Add a bit of bowling pin aesthetic to the miro-esque scene, and you have this vase.

Tubes by Tsunami Glassworks

Tubes by Tsunami Glassworks was one of the highlights of ICFF for me. I’m a sucker for contemporary glass design, and this work surpassed all others in my opinion. Each piece in Tubes is hand blown and finished, and each piece has its own character and hue. When all pieces are assembled to make a […]

Phonofone II by Science + Sons

OK, I’m now on the Phonofone bandwagon. I think I’ve read no less than 10 posts on the topic which will all tell you the same thing I’m about to tell you: The Phonofone by Science and Sons is a ceramic amplification system for you iPod. This mechanism uses passive horn acoustics to amplify you […]

Cocoon by 02

Cocoon is a really fun all-in-one phone that I saw recently. There are a number of features about the phone that I like. First, it comes standard with an MP3 player and a 2 megapixel camera. Pretty standard nowadays, but good. But wait, what’s that on the outside of the phone? There is a very […]

Drink Tray by Martino d’Esposito

I’ve seen this around on a few blogs, and as much as I try to avoid duplicate content, I can’t help but put in a plug for this ingenious design. It’s a Drink Tray by Martino d’Esposito. Build this scenario up in your head: You’re a hot young bartender in one of San Francisco’s trendiest […]

Gorenje Refrigerator With Swarovski Crystals: The Agelina Jolie of Kitchen Appliances

This may be one of the flashiest, most insanely gorgeous, and at the same time functional gadgets I have ever seen. A Few minutes after I spent time with this refrigerator, I immediately thought of Angelina Jolie. When I think of Angelina, (we’re on a first name basis, you know) I think of beauty, I […]

Balancing Bowls from Royal VKB: Stupidly Simple Measuring Device

I am in love with this product! These are the unbelievably simple measuring devices by Royal VKB called Balancing Bowls. Royal VKB, by the way, is a young Dutch kitchenware firm with a vast stable of talented designers. Their work really creates new rules for how you can eat serve and make food. It’s quite […]

Drop Tiles by Johans Golv

I’ve been spending the last couple of days loading design crack with draft stories. I have hundreds of products that I want to tell you about that blew me away. I would say this product is more mildly warm, though. Drop is a system of ceramic tiles by swedish tile maker, Johans Golv, that are […]

Brasilia Plate and Tray by Bosa Ceramiche

This past weekend was probably the most eventful weekend for design in the history of California. In Monterey, there was a fantastic conference on architecture. In San Francisco, we had the World Design Congress which brings together the top industrial designers in the world to talk shop. What did I do? I went to Napa. […]

Snow Print Ceramic Tile Concept by Tuukka Tujula and Maija Puoskari

These are two young designers who’s names I cannot pronounce but whose design concepts I immediately get. Both Tuukka Tujula and Maija Puoskari are members of the design collective JuJu Design Party, a Finnish group with a massive amount of talent. I’ll be featuring a number of designs and concept from their collective in the […]