The 2008 Dodge Challenger

Object: The 2008 Challenger Manufacturer: Dodge URL(unofficial): Category: Automotive Price: $25,000-35,000 Lust Factor: Hot Description: I have not owned a car in years, and I never intend to own a car again. However, I cannot deny the beauty of a well designed automobile. The Dodge Challenger is one of my new favorites. If you […]

The PPhone Headset by HULGER

Object: The P*Phone Manufacturer: HULGER URL: Category: Consumer Technology Price: $ 70 Lust Factor: Hot Description: People! Please forgive me for going through the greenergrassdesign catalog, but these people have got a knack for finding awesome products. This is my latest find: The P*Phone. There is something indescribably nostalgic about using an old headset […]

The Resin Filled Teardrop Vase by Derek Chen

Object: The Resin Filled Teardrop Vase Manufacturer: Derek Chen URL: Category: Tchotchke Price: $ 110 Lust Factor: Warm Description: I bought one of Derek Chen’s vases about two years ago, and I’ve found that I look at it each and ebery day. I even touch it because the resin he uses to construct this […]

The Pimp Star LED Watch

Object: The Pimp Star LED Watch Manufacturer: Tokyo Flash URL(where it can be bought): Category: Fashion Price: $155 Lust Factor: Hot Description: I am a sucker for flash and novelty, and this watch is all that. Besides using a beautifully colored LED, the wristband is equally beautiful stainless steel. Honestly, I don’t even wear […]