“Oh You’re So Beautiful” Mirror by Joop Steenkamer jr.

“Mirror, mirror. On the wall. Who’s the fairest of them all?” Now, you are every time you use this mirror. No, this isn’t some sort of clever Time Magazine cover, but a simple word of encouragement when you use the mirror: “Oh, you’re so Beautiful.”. I commend the designer for making a product that is […]

iPod Clip by Wolf Udo Wagner

Object: iPod Clip Designer: Wolf Udo Wagner URL: http://charlesandmarie.com Category: Consumer Technology Price: $33 Lust Factor: Hot Description: The iPod Clip speaks for itself. It’s a laser cut piece of acrylic which is brought to an ungodly shine. It looks absolutely gorgeous which begs the question: ” Do I need a scratch protector for my […]

Double Buckle Handbag by Fendi

Object: Double Buckle Handbag Designer: Fendi URL: www.eluxury.com Category: Fashion Price: $1,580 Lust Factor: Hot Description: This Sunday, the New York Times Style section had no less than 25 pictures of women carrying these bags on the streets of Manhattan this past weekend. The object is extremely bold, and I definitely see the appeal. I’m […]

Stag Mirror by hivemindesign

Object: Stag Mirror Designer: hivemindesign URL: http://www.hiveminddesign.com/ Category: Furniture and Housewares Price: $? Lust Factor: Hot Description: The Stag Mirror explores the the trend of barouque-modern fusion which is currently prevalent in many design studios. It’s made from highly pollished stainless steel which produces a dreamlike replica when gazed upon. The lines of the mirror […]

Brand Destroyer Handbag by Nendo

Object: brand-destroyer Designer: Nendo URL: http://www.nendo.jp Category: Fashion Price: $? Lust Factor: Hot Description: This project was for Vogue Nippon. The challenge was to modify a luxury brand handbag into the designer’s own creation. Nendo’s concept was to mask the brand’s essence in such a way to make the owner curious as to what’s behind […]

The Animal Horse Lamp by moooi

Object: Animal Horse lamp Manufacturer: moooi URL: www.moooi.com Category: Furniture and Housewares Price: $? Lust Factor: Hot Description: Moooi makes some products that are just way out there, and the “Animal Horse” lamp is one of them. I find this design compelling for a couple of reasons: the rendering of the horse, and the way […]

Henk designed by Frog Design

This week marks the annual Millionaire Fair, this year held in Moscow: home to 60,000 Millionaires and 30 Billionaires (The highest concentration in the world). All week, I will be reporting finds from the Fair on more obscure companies that cater to the super rich. What categories of design are on the lists of the […]

The Samsung K5 Portable MP3 Player

Object: The K5 Manufacturer: Samsung URL: http://www.samsung.com/sg/k5/ Category: Consumer Technology Price: $210 for 4GB Lust Factor: Warm Description: Why do I like this piece of design? The ethereal display that shows the equalizer levels. From the very begining when Kenwood popularized the car EQ about 20 years ago, I have always been attracted to the […]

The Duomo Hotel, Rimini by Ron Arad

Object: The Duomo Hotel, Rimini Designer: Ron Arad URL: http://www.duomohotel.com/ Category: Architecture and Construction Price: $300-1,000 per night Lust Factor: Warm Description: The hotel is a new member of the Design Hotels chain. I find these hotels to be a bit like yuppie Disneyland, which is a bad thing. However, one of the joys of […]

The CCTV Headquarters by Rem Koolhaas

Object: CCTV Headquarters Designer: Rem Koolhaas URL(video): http://www.digischool.nl/ckv2/video/koolhaas1.wmv Category: Architecture and Construction Price: $ 1 billion+ Lust Factor: Warm Description: This building is under construction in Beijing, and marks the centerpiece of what hopes to be a 300 tower central business district in Beijing. Rather than go into details, I’ll distill why this design is […]