My Book Hard Drive by Western Digital

I was recently at Circuit City (which I normally hate going to, by the way. They have no selection.) and I was looking for a backup hard drive for my system. The one I found compelled to buy was the My Book Hard Drive by Western Digital. I honestly know nothing about the company, nor […]

Showtime by Jaime Hayon

I wish I could talk about these objects with some level of of competence, but I’m afraid this won’t be the case. Instead, I think I’ll say a few words about the designer. For all of you product or furniture designers out there, you need to take a good, hard look at Jaime Hayon and […]

Flower by Moooi

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by a company that does search engine optimization for a company in the UK named Leigh Harmer. The email was very cordial, but I must admit that emails from SEO companies usually equals ugly junk. But when I looked at Leigh Harmer’s website my prediction was so […]

Holy Shit: An iPod Fit for a Priest

Are you a hipster priest who wants to buy an iPod, but are feeling guilty about your earthly desires? Fret not. Your savior device has arrived in the form of a crucifix iPod. Soon, you will be able to rock out and perform exorcisms with the same object. Man Works Design, an extremely adept Russian […]

Frankentable: A Multileg Cabinet by Jaime Hayon

A lot of my friends have told me that they have loved my blog, however I rarely get comments on the blog unless I write something that’s not flattering. Take the Celebrity Smell Off, for instance. I referred to Britney’s perfume as being perfect for teenage slut. That got some comments. I also wrote an […]

Presentation Table by Corneille Uedingslohmann Architekten

I don’t know how or why I came about this architect duo. Probably I was smoking a joint while surfing. I wonder because it’s not often that I would consider including a product on the site designed by someone with a name I can’t pronounce. “Corneille Uedingslohmann” doesn’t just fall off the tongue for me. […]

Trophy Tableware by Emiko Oki

Emiko Oki designs some of the most clever products!  Recently, I reviewed the pint glass that she created, and this product is of a similar theme. It’s called Trophy Tableware because Emiko takes the coffee pot, bowl, cup, saucer, and so on, and creates a groove in the ceramics with which the user can stack […]

Metatable by Korban / Flaubert

Korban and Flaubert, the Ausie architect/metal-worker duo have created a desk that I’m in love with. Are you a high powered talent agent, and need something to instill fear in the guests of your office? Here is the piece: a nearly monolithic almost alien desk from which you can prop your feet up on as […]

Six Pack Paper Weight

These are solid aluminum paperweights brought to a high polish. There is really not much more you can say about this except that, heck, shiny things are kinda sexy. I don’t know why, but I think this piece will be worth something some day. Maybe it’s because these objects are somewhat similar to the work […]

Spring-Summer 2007 Collection by Patrik Ervell

Patrik Ervell  gives me hope for my ability to be a man in casual and graceful clothing that don’t involve one of maybe four brands. There are just not that many designs available for guys out there. O maybe I’m just a picky bitch. Probably the latter. Regardless, I like Mr. Ervell’s collection. It makes […]