Tubetop Lamp by Pablo

In the mission district of San Francisco, there’s a guy (or girl possibly) that tags everything he sees with a pi symbol. You know, it kind of looks a bit like a “TT” mashed together. Sometimes, the pi is on a sticker. Sometimes, the pi is in paint, Sometimes even, the pi is coupled with […]

W’Duck: A Restaurant Whose Mind Is In The Toilet

click to enlarge W’Duck is more than just a noise you make when you slip into a bath tub. It’s also a restaurant in Portugal that has boldly chosen their theme to be a huge bathroom. The restaurant owners did not chince out when they went for this theme, either. You want to eat dinner […]

Wheeler Stool by Charlie Davidson

The Wheeler Stool is a cute little product designed by Charlie Davidson. It’s one of those small jazzy pieces that caught my eye as I search through volumes of stuff that have been produced by mankind. Sometimes I wonder to myself how a piece such as this ever makes it to the site seeing that […]

Fish Out of Water: A Lamp by Ana Thompson

Ana Thompson is a bit of a mystery to me. I really don’t know how I came about getting her URL, but her work is pretty remarkable. I’m assuming she’s pretty young, because there are only a handful of designs on her site and most of the designs are still in the 3D rendering phase. […]

Jellyfish Sonic by kota nezu of CO/EX

To the best of my knowledge, the Jellyfish Sonic is never going to make it to mass production, which is a real shame. This is a table straight out of War of the Worlds. The table top is a bulbous, alien shape that is made of a clear plastic. Encased in the plastic hovers two […]

Tengu: a USB Electronic Friend by Crispin Jones

Tengu is our happy USB friend! This little critter really doesn’t do much of anything except lip sync to the music coming out of your computer. This object, admittedly, is more crack than design. It doesn’t really do anything all that useful. It doesn’t even loo all that pretty. But, damnit, it’s cool. I dare […]

Harmony Salt and Pepper Shakers by Corina Garona

Corina is a recently graduated Industrial Designer from Pratt, originally from Buenos Aires, who has shown some promising work. Although Ms. Garona has several promising designs, I fell for her small scaled Harmony salt and pepper shaker which consists of two blobs of shiny silver painted ceramic. The inner blob is the salt shaker. The […]

The Piaggio MP3

I’m not sure why I’m attracted to the MP3 by Piaggio. I just am. I think it has something to do with the fact that it’s a scooter with three wheels, but three wheels instead of two means that it can stand upright without assistance. I have two quick points about this machine, and then […]

Cesare Paciotti 2007 Camo Platform Shoe

Just when you thought camouflage was dead and buried here comes a shoe by Cesare Paciotti that will raise the bar on all future camo usage. This patent leather pump ain’t seeing any combat… that is unless it’s consensual. I dare you to check out their site. I love women’s shoes, but I love weird […]

Gyanze Amp and Speakers

I now issue the challenge for today: if you know any possible way to buy these mythical iPod speakers, then let me know. I honestly doubt that these speakers exist. I’ve even read about them in magazines (our print friend who supposedly checks facts) and still I can’t find these speakers anywhere. So what’s the […]