Gorenje Refrigerator With Swarovski Crystals: The Agelina Jolie of Kitchen Appliances

This may be one of the flashiest, most insanely gorgeous, and at the same time functional gadgets I have ever seen. A Few minutes after I spent time with this refrigerator, I immediately thought of Angelina Jolie. When I think of Angelina, (we’re on a first name basis, you know) I think of beauty, I […]

Muon Speakers: Quite Possibly The Finest Stereo Equipment Ever Made

Recently, I’ve come upon the Muon speaker. Muon speakers are, quite frankly, the most opulent speakers ever made at an unreasonable price of $145,000. Mind you, this price would get you a Ferrari with a pretty decent sound system. But, if you are extremely wealthy and are an audiophile who knows no bounds then you […]

The P’9521 Mobile Phone from Porsche Design

I have not tried this phone out, so I cannot speak of the P’9521 by Porsche Design’s usability just yet, but I can say that they have some seriously stiff competition from the iPhone. What I can say that makes this phone unique is the designers’ decision to carve the phone out of a single […]

Twenty-first Century Craftsmanship: A Silver Service by Michael Anastassiades

I’m not much for having tea, but when I saw Michael Anastassiades‘ silver service I wanted to start this ritual just so I had an excuse to buy this beautiful set. Mr. Anastassiades aesthetic can best be described as old world modernism. This may seem like a contradiction in terms, but when I think of […]

Bendable Interior Objects by Form Us With Love

I subscribe to a newsletter by a Swedish company by the name of Form Us With Love, and they just sent me an announcement for their latest design product/company called BIO (Bendable Interior Objects). This design object is very similar to BluDot’s line of accessories in that they both use a very simple stamping process […]

Celine Green Buffalo Leather Handbag: Who knew buffalos could be so chic?

If you live in New York, chances are you have or you soon will see the Celine Green Buffalo Leather Handbag around town. It’s H-O-T hot. First, let’s talk about the buckle. It’s a really chunky buckle which, to me at least, almost reminds me of the Fendi double buckle bag in the way it […]

Burberry offers an extremely exciting fall winter 07/08 collection

I’ve increasingly been looking at fashion lately, and call me conservative: I love the Burberry collection for this upcoming season. Burberry, as you may know, was a brand that only catered to preppy Hampton sows for years and years. It ranked up there with Ralph Lauren in yawn factor. Today, Burberry has reinvented itself by […]

Holloware Bowl by Kim Buck

I’ve been saying to myself for the past couple of years “Why the heck doesn’t someone design more pneumatic furniture?”. Finally, I have found a product that nears furniture and enters the realm of houseware. I give you the Holloware Bowl by Kim Buck. It is a mirror finished blow-up pillow that is made to […]

The Cartier LOVE Ring

Cartier has looked to the past to find their new LOVE collection. The design, originally from one of their collections in the 1970s works like this: the ring has screws around the perimeter of the band and the tighter you turn the screws the more you love. Is that right? It seems to me that […]

Orchid by Christian Flindt

About five years ago I bought my first orchid. It was a type of Cattleya with purple and pink striped leaves. It looked very exotic because there were tendrils from the flowers petals that twisted down an inch or two creating a sort of plant peyos. This was not a simple store-bought orchid but one […]