QLOCKTWO: everyone else posted this, why not me?

I really don’t think anyone goes out looking for a clock anymore. So, to realy differentiate yourself in the time telling business you have to make something like qlocktwo. it uses this weird letter matrix to spell out the time in five minute intervals. And it does this at the low price of twelve hundred […]

Periodic Table by One and Co for Council Design: Fourty Two Grand of Pure Luxury

Back in Early 2007, Council Design came out with a fabulous new collection they called “Optimism“. At that time, they were just prototyping the periodic table which they showed on their website for a while. But Derek Chen, owner of Council Design, had not yet perfected the table which he had commissioned from design superstars […]

Blaue Blume Teacup by Undergrowth Design

I met the maker of the Blaue Blume Teacup at the 2008 ICFF, and I still have about one hundred of posts left to do covering the fabulous designers I met while at the show. This was one of my favorites. The design feature a baroque cup and saucer set in pure white porcelain. The […]

Found Space Tiles by Stephanie Davidson

Stephanie Davidson, a Berlin based designer, has created an expertly crafted white tile that fits within the standard tile size that comprizes a typical shower stall. The tiles on their own create a miniature abstracted landscape. Add a nude body against the face of these special tiles and you have new ways to clean and […]

Park Planters by Tristan Zimmermann

Planters bring a little green into your garden. Some would say planters add a sort of park-like quality to your surroundings. Well if you live anywhere near the Stanyan entrance to Golden Gate Park in San Francisco then you’d know that your park experience includes more than looking at green plants. No doubt multiple drug […]

Sunflower Diamond Necklace by Harry Winston

Harry Winston, as you may know, creates the most insane and fantastic diamond jewelry know to man. The proceeds from the sale of some of the Winston necklaces could probably run a small country for a good length of time. It is that opulent. I personally do not practice flaunting excess, but that’s because I’m […]

Keep your Guests Guessing with the Gold Door Stop by Arik Levy

Have you ever wanted to give a girl the impression that you were richer than you really were because you thought that would help you get in her pants? Lord knows I have. But sometimes when impressing a girl with your wealth requires more subtle means than just waxing poetic about your yacht. That’s when […]

Army Trash by Gerhardt Kellermann

What do do with old weapons? Turn them in to luxury fashion accessories, of course! This was the concept that Gerhardt Kellermann adopted when he created his highly refined collection of recycled weaponry: Army Trash. Just take a grenade, defuse it (I’m assuming) paint it with gold and pink enamel, bejewel it with the finest […]

The St.Peter-8XMile: Make Juice- Thumb Your Nose at the Church

This gold plated ceramic juicer is designer Giuliano Lacchetti’s opportunity to protest the Catholic church and make a fine citrus beverage in the process. The juicer, sown above, is a miniature version of Saint Peter’s Square in the Vatican City. The concept is that the Church squeezes every last penny out of its parishioners while […]

Balenciaga Fall / Winter 2007

If you did not know, my wife and I just had a child 8 days ago. This child has been out of the house for his pediatrician’s appointment among other journey’s, but his real inaugural first day out I’ve decided to take him to the new Barneys in San Francisco. And what might I find […]