Paper Thin: A Bowl by Agata Nowak

Tear a piece of paper from your notebook. Crumple it up. Now begin to curve the piece of crumpled paper into the form of a vessel. What you get is a vague resemblance of what Paper Thin, a collection of ceramics by Agata Nowak, is all about. The amazing thing to me is a crumpled […]

Bubblicious by D-Vision

D-vision very clearly ums up the beauty of their bowl the best: “A bowl comprised of varying volumes of spheres, to place fruit of different sizes, in a way that enables to position the object in a new equilibrium each time, due to the change in the center of gravity. ” How cute! An ever […]

Lunuganga by Wok Media

No time for actual camping or getting back to nature? I hear ya. With all my blog distractions and general urban puttering I have no time left for nature except to watch an occasional episode of National Geographic Explorer. But if you are looking for more of a natural distraction bring back natures glory in […]

1 Year Ago at Design Crack: Riddled by Steven Holl

From time to time, I like to pull out pieces from the archives that I’ve found particularly beautiful. This is one of my favorites from December 2006. Enjoy! Horm is unlike any furniture company I know of. This company has hired a gaggle of famous architects as their designers. One piece I love is Steven […]

Parametre by 3Form

I almost don’t believe this exists. This is a panel created by the company 3Form. If you’re not familiar with 3Form, and you’re an interior designer than quit now. 3Form is becoming the preeminent interior surfaces and materials company with their plastic sheets embedded with fanciful objects such as grass and their beautiful use of […]

Can a Gas Station Really be Green? Office dA Thinks so.

Office dA, a Boston based design firm, has created in the heart of Los Angeles this gas station that creates quite a paradoxical relationship for those who seek it out. For the everyday user of this gas station, it’s just another funky monument in the “look at me!” culture of Los Angeles road side architecture. […]

Nature V2.0: A Chair for the Twisted Nature Lover

Last week, I reported on a piece of furniture that was an update on the log. The update, by Draw Me a Sheep, made the log into a square shape which is quite a convenient shape. But what if trees grew vertically in a boomerang shape? Damn, that would make a sweet lounge chair! Any […]

The Cocaine Ring by Lydia Courteille: The Closest Thing to Wearing Real Crack

I was recently rummaging through dozens of French design websites when I found this ring. I wish I spoke French because France has so many wonderful designers, but consistently French websites never translate any of their pages for an English audience. It’s fine if they don’t, I just wish I could read the French. Because […]

What shape would a tree be if man controlled nature?

This is a sweet little piece of design crack in which the London design duo, Draw Me a Sheep, takes an elemental piece of nature such as a tree trunk and asks, “Is nature really that good?”. In Bo-Young Jung and Emmanuel Wolf’s series, called Nature V2.01, they explore the forms of nature and whether […]

The Diamond Zinc Vase By Tampopo for Eboniste

First, I’d like to say that we have awarded out first ever email newsletter contest prize which I will discuss in a couple of weeks in a more formal post. She was ecstatic to win, and I can’t thank her enough for signing up. She was also kind enough to tip me on one of […]