Stack by Shay Alaklay and Raw Edges for Established & Sons

I remember back in college the first time I ever saw a Rem Koolhaas house. I cannot remember the name of the house, now, but it was built for a wheelchair bound man and his wife. The house seemed simple enough at first glance, but it always seemed odd to me. Much later, I realized […]

Army Trash by Gerhardt Kellermann

What do do with old weapons? Turn them in to luxury fashion accessories, of course! This was the concept that Gerhardt Kellermann adopted when he created his highly refined collection of recycled weaponry: Army Trash. Just take a grenade, defuse it (I’m assuming) paint it with gold and pink enamel, bejewel it with the finest […]

Conversation Chair by Ana Linares

Ana Linares is a freshly graduated designer who went to Pratt in New York. But even though she is fresh out of school, she has a number of competent designs under her belt, the most exciting of which is the Conversation Chair. This chair is one of those pieces that is almost an instant classic […]

The Chicago Spire by Santiago Calatrava

Famed Spanish Architect, Santiago Calatrava, known for such buildings as the recent Milwaukee Art Museum, has moved further down the lake to Chicago to create what might be his most enduring work in a long career of enduring works. This one is not as flashy or anthropomorphic as his previous buildings, but it has one […]

Emilio Pucci Wood Clutch Purse: Modern Art as Fashion Accessory

Now that another fashion week in New York has passed, all my future fashion posts for the next several weeks are going to be old news. So, if you really want to stay on top of the latest fashion trends, then this may be the wrong blog. If, however, you are simply in the mood […]

In the Market for a Yacht? Look No Further than the Wally Power 118

I’ve been trying to spend more and more time looking at things that are in the unattainable category simply because its so damn fun to imagine me and all my friends and family enjoying whatever the incredibly expensive item is, and basking in the glory of its opulence. Quite frankly, nothing has piqued my imagination […]

Ultraluxe- The Verailles Lighter by S.T. Dupont

Recently, Kaboodle asked me to write a weekly post for the Fab Finds column of the Kaboodle Blog. I was, of course, ecstatic at the chance to work for one of my favorite shopping sites. So when Kaboodle approached me, I decided that I wanted to write an extra-special, over-the-top weekly column which I will […]

Just How Sexy Can a Lamp Be? The Moschino Dress Lamp Answers

Moschino, that clever Italian fashion house, is always jabbing a stick in the eye of what fashion should be. They are a creative lot that does not like to be tied down by any sense of tradition. One of their recent forays is in the realm of lighting design. They have taken a number of […]

Forrest Myers Aviary Chair

Barry Friedman Ltd. has a knack for finding some of the most fascinating, well crafted, and highly experimental furniture around today. And as you might expect, if you really want something that Barry Friedman sells, you will pay the price. Unfortunately for me, I wouldn’t make in a year what a piece like Forrest Myers’ […]

WMF 1 Coffee Maker by WMF

I have found the perfect coffee maker for the coffee lover who is single and in need of everything in his or her life to look like an iPod. (I hate to judge, but that describes half of Silicon Valley!) Its called the WMF 1, which sounds a bit more like bowling machinery or a […]