The Seitz 6×17 Digital Large Format Camera

The Seitz 6×17 digital large format camera is something that needs to be seen to be believed. It is, quite honestly, the most amazing digital camera ever made. Where do I start? Well first, the construction of this camera is unparalleled. The body is made from aluminum billets that are hand tooled into the final […]

The Vividus Bed by Hastens

I’ve been looking at Hastens beds for the past year or so ever since they started their latest media campaign in the design magazines. In this time frame, I’ve actually experienced one of these beds, and there is no doubt that they are unrivaled. Everything is wonderful about they way they feel. But when an […]

The 2007 Tesla Roadster

Object: The 2007 Tesla Roadster Designer: Tesla URL: Category: Automotive Price: $92,000 +/- Lust Factor: Hot Description: Tesla Motors has done something remarkable. They have made an electric car that people will actually want to buy. There is no doubt that the Tesla is a beautiful car, but for you speed fiends it has […]

The Range Rover Sport by Land Rover

Object: The Range Rover Sport Designer: Land Rover URL: Category: Automotive Price: $100,000 +/- Lust Factor: Warm Description: OK. This vehicle has been out a whole year. But it is timeless styling, after all. Why do I include the Range Rover sport in a list of design crack objects? Of course, for the most […]

The Lexus LS

Object: The Lexus LS Manufacturer: Lexus URL: Category: Automotive Price: $61,000-71,000 Lust Factor: Warm Description: Why did I choose to mention this car? Because this car offers the highest amount of luxury for the lowest price. This automobile has reclining rear seats, the highest level of safety system, extremely clever mobile telephony, sensitive climate […]

The V Box by Venue

Object: The V-Box Manufacturer: Venue URL: Category: Architecture and Construction Price: $50,000-100,000 Lust Factor: Warm Description: The V-Box is a shipping container cum high-fashion store. I find it highly efficient to plop your store any where you like any time you like, and when it’s out of fashion just pick it back up and […]