Lindsey Adelman Studio: installation at Karkula

Lindsey Adleman is quickly carving out a niche for the finest and most bubbly chandeliers available. Each piece is completely unique, hand made, blown glass that include significantly difficult and virtuosic glass manipulations such as incorporating a haunting golden foil into the glass surface. Lindsey Adelman Studio: installation at Karkula

Cortiça Chaise Lounge by Daniel Michalik

Daniel Michalik is a Brooklyn based designer who explores the boundaries of unconventional materials. His focus is cork, though. Cork, as you probably know, is the bark that comes from a particular type of oak tree. The bark replaces itself every year and therefore can be sustainably harvested for use as stoppers in wine bottles, […]

The Jimmy Office Desk by Modernlink

And how about an actual product to show rather than just some jibber jabber. A’ight. Here’s a sweet desk I found off of one of my sponsor’s website. Dudes! I need a good desk badly! Anyone have 5 Gs they can hand me to get this beautiful desk? I like it because it follows John […]

The RPM 10 Record Player by Pro-Ject Audio Systems

I’m not really going to talk about the RPM 10 Record Player by Pro-Ject Audio Systems. I’m going to talk about what these record players stand for. The funny thing about the modern audiophile record player is the record player inevitably likes to display every piece and part of the machine as if it were […]

Green Week: The Knit Chair by Emiliano Godoy

The Knit Chair by Emiliano Godoy has been around a couple of years, but its design doesn’t cease to amaze me. The chair is made from two things: thin wood panels and cotton rope. The chair amazingly keeps its shape, even with its incredible thinness. The key to the chair, really, is the shape of […]

Racetrack Legends Cell Phone by Vertu

OK. Vertu is like an old-school Nokia cell phone from, like, 5 years ago given a nice packaging. Can someone tell me why this is worth over six thousand dollars, please? My first cell phone that has nearly the same technology as the Vertu cost me 20 dollars with a contract. I could have bought […]

The Dutch Tub

Object: The Dutch Tub Manufacturer: The Dutch Tub URL: Category: Furniture and Housewares Price: $6000 Lust Factor: Hot Description: The Dutch Tub is one of those ingenious ideas where you wonder, ” Why has no-one thought of this before?” It’s a bit like an old-fashioned wood fired hot tub, but it uses a bit […]

concrete shuttering by Established and Sons

Object: Concrete Shuttering Designer: Established and Sons URL: Category: Furniture and Housewares Price: $6,785 Lust Factor: Hot Description: Concrete Shuttering is a shelving product that pushes the trend: “I am not as I seem”. In Established and Sons’ take on this they have created what would probably be made from a wood caracass and […]

The Leica M8 Digital Camera

Object: The M8 Digital Camera Designer: Leica URL: Category: Consumer Technology Price: $5,300 for body only Lust Factor: Hot Description: I can’t say enough good things about the Leica M8. This camera company has created design perfection. The M series lenses, which are meticulously detailed to perform with the most clarity possible, had never […]

Barneys Find: Tulip Ego Laptop by thecommunicationgroup

Object: The Tulip Ego Laptop Manufacturer: thecommunicationgroup URL: Category: Personal Technology Price: $5,000 Lust Factor: Tepid Description: The design is perfection, there is no doubt. The innovation on this machine is the computer’s ability to change skins from white to red. Also, it is somewhat of an innovation for the computer to look more […]