Samsonite Black Label Vintage Collection

I sometimes cover luggage. I’m just attracted to the architectural quality I guess. Ever since I covered a $20,000 suitcase designed by Frog Design as one of my very first posts, I’ve been on the hunt for the next ultimate case. This is not it. However, for $600 it is a darn good alternative. The […]

The Leaf Lamp by Yves Behar: Fabulous or Flimsy?

ID Magazine has recently come out with their 53rd Annual Design Review where they award a number of products and project top honors for design. They have named top honors in the consumer products division to the Leaf lamp by Yves Behar. I’ve been tempted to write about this product for a while now, but […]

The Sleeping Light by Andi Kovel

If I feature two bird lamps on the site, does that make it a trend? Probably not, but I like bird lights, so there you are. The first one I featured was several months ago. It was called the Pigeon Light, and it was made by Qubus. It’s made in plastic, and I’ve seen it […]

The Hanger Chair by Pottinger and Cole

The Hanger Chair by Pottinger and Cole is an elegant solution to the problem of saving space in an apartment. No, the chair doesn’t fold up. It hangs up high and out of the way. Pottinger and Cole have ingeniously integrated a coat hanger into the chair back allowing the user of the chair to […]

Aluminum Desk Chair by Piet Hein Eek

Piet Hein Eek is not just a noise you make when you’re choking. It’s also a very adept design firm in the Netherlands. I chose this chair to be on design crack because it transported me to another time. Grade school, in fact, is where this chair took me. It’s hard to put my finger […]

Pandora and Egg by HE and Marcel Wanders

There are a bunch of products I’ve featured by Marcel Wanders in the past. There’s the Microwave with the TV in the door. Then there was the City System Shelving for Mooi. All, beautiful stuff. But this is the first design that I could actually use in my home and could afford to buy. Well […]

Stiletto by Alexander McQueen

This shoe from Alexander McQueen’s Spring 2007 collection is the most graceful interpretations of where sneaker meets stiletto that I have seen. I can’t even really trace when or where the trend started happening, but none of that matters anymore since this shoe became available. The shoe is even more of an amalgamation of sneaker […]

Wave TV by HE and Marcel Wanders

What’s so special about a microwave with a chicken on top? It’s only that the microwave has a TV built into the door! You heard me. Marcel Wanders, super designer and beloved by all turtleneck wearers, has teamed up with HE, an aged appliance company in need of super designers, to create a line of […]

Random Shelving by MDF Italia

I wish I could express the beautiful patterns this shelving system makes when the owner puts his or her books onto this shelf. At first glance, you might be saying, “OK. It’s shelves…NEXT.” But wait. MDF Italia has made a couple of subtle design maneuvers that make all the difference in the world. First, the […]

2007 Collection by Bruno Frisoni

Bruno Frisoni brings to mind: extreme high heels.  Now, I live in San Francisco. In the Mission District to be exact. And if any of you know the Mission, especially around the area of the New College, you would know that a woman would probably get  scoffed at for wearing such a shoe as a […]