New York Delft Plate Set by Lovegrove and Repucci

Are you a hardcore graf artist who has made it big in New York and now want to enjoy the finer things in life? Now, Areaware has created a series of plateware for you! The finest of Delft china combine with the heavy old skool stylez of the streets of New York to make the […]

Funky Shoe: Peu by Camper

I only include this shoe on the site for Camper’s design innovation concerning it’s shoe string. The name of the shoe is Peu and it has that characteristic Camper look. But the shoe is just so much easier to put on with its one elastic shoe string, that it makes me wonder why shoes have […]

Munimula Wine Tray: Innovation in Simplicity

The Wine Tray designed by Munimula is a piece I saw recently that I thought I would include as an example of simplicity at its finest. This piece actually solves a major problem which is how do I easily carry a bottle of wine and four wine glasses into the other room to serve my […]

Bling H2O: Design Crack at its Worst

I just happened to notice this on Yahoo today, and I could not help but to put it on the blog. I present Bling H2O– the next best thing to selling luxury air is luxury water. The water is the brainchild of Kevin G. Boyd who is a Hollywood writer and producer (I’ll get to […]

Carrie on Bike by Design House Stockholm

Design House Stockholm is a company that finds and creates great Scandinavian design, and they’ve been doing so since 1992. They probably have dozens of designed products that I could easily show on this site, but I’d like to start with a bike basket called Carrie. This piece gets to me because, as a daily […]

UM Carry by Josh Jakus

This weekend in Hayes Valley, San Francisco, there was this thing called the Capsule street sale. Capsule hosted probably 200 vendors of what I might call “crafty” design. The majority of the work was pretty competent, but honestly, I was hoping for some more innovative products out of the deal. Imagine, if you dare, several […]

Gola: My New Favorite Sneaker

I have no idea why I love this shoe. I just do. It has a bit of that franken-shoe look which has infected so many top brand design shops. This one takes on the two forms: The back of the shoe is late 90s Italian gigalo / amateur football player. The back of the shoe […]

Green Week: PET Light by Walking-Chair Design Studio

First, I should say that the PET Light by Walking Chair Design Studio is called the PET light because in Europe, I gather, people refer to the plastic bottles as PET bottles, and this is a light made for recycled plastic bottles. The PET bottles are nearly identical to the water bottles that we all […]

Lovechild #1 rocking step stool by The Design Can

How do I start this? Every Wednesday, my wife and I babysit a beautiful two-and-a-half year old girl while her parents go to have a fancy dinner. Stacey and I have always loved this. The little girl is almost always sweet, and we have tons of fun. Recently, we were given a larger challenge when […]

Laptop Sleeve by Red Maloo

Red Maloo began its existence when the company was originally asked to design a laptop case presented in 2004 at the Tokyo Ambient Lifestyle Fair. The initial design was constructed of the finest Japanese Linens and used similar design and construction as kimonos. Soon after, Maloo introduced the Red Maloo Laptop case made of a […]