The Maybach

Back in 1999, a friend of mine an I were commissioned to design a temporary landscape to promote an automobile which was to sit within the landscape. The auto was the Maybach, and the location of the landscape was the terrace of a 19th century casino in Monaco. The event was an annual rich person’s […]

The Tramonto by Fisker

Object: The Tramonto Manufacturer: Fisker URL: Category: Automotive Price: $300,000+ loaded Lust Factor: Hot Description:The Fisker is one of those things that comes around very rarely in a lifetime. That is, how often do you have the opportunity to buy one of 150 of the finest designed, finest built cars in the world? Now, […]

The Freitag Store, Zurich

Object: The Freitag Store, Zurich Manufacturer: Freitag URL: Category: Sports and Recreation Price: $250,000-500,000 Lust Factor: Hot Description: The Freitag Messanger Bag is all about recycling “useless” refuse into a finely built product. Their flagship store is no different in its sensibility. It’s thinness scares me coming from California earthquake country. But there is […]