Periodic Table by One and Co for Council Design: Fourty Two Grand of Pure Luxury

Back in Early 2007, Council Design came out with a fabulous new collection they called “Optimism“. At that time, they were just prototyping the periodic table which they showed on their website for a while. But Derek Chen, owner of Council Design, had not yet perfected the table which he had commissioned from design superstars […]

Brand Crack: The Louis Vuitton $42,000 Handbag

Maybe I watch too much crappy television? I don’t know. But, I was watching the Preview Channel – you know, the channel that scrolls the TV guide at the bottom while washed up child actors talk celebrity gossip- the other day when the woman on the show started barking on and on about Louis Vuitton’s […]

The 2007 Ford Shelby GT500

Please don’t hate me because I love muscle cars. I know the Ford Shelby gets an estimated 13mpg, but it is hot. Mind you, I do not even own a car, and I haven’t for the past ten years. I’m what you might call a granola cruncher when it comes to fuel consumption. But when […]

The Sky Roadster by Saturn

Object: Saturn Sky Manufacturer: Saturn URL: Category: Automotive Price: $29,000 Lust Factor: Warm Description: OK, there is no doubt whet it comes to cars, I don’t know shit… but I know how I feel. And when I came up with this site concept feeling was paramount. I had to be instantly attracted to the […]

The 2008 Dodge Challenger

Object: The 2008 Challenger Manufacturer: Dodge URL(unofficial): Category: Automotive Price: $25,000-35,000 Lust Factor: Hot Description: I have not owned a car in years, and I never intend to own a car again. However, I cannot deny the beauty of a well designed automobile. The Dodge Challenger is one of my new favorites. If you […]

The Eclectic

Object: The Eclectic Manufacturer: Venturi URL: Category: Automotive Price: $30,000 Lust Factor: Tepid Description: The Venturi Eclectic is a fully sustainable automobile running of both wind and solar power, and weighing in at a light 700 pounds. The Venturi Eclectic is pretty amazing breakthrough in the field of go-kart technology… or maybe golf cart […]