Meridienne by Sacha Lakic for Roche Bobois

I recently went into a Roche Bobois showroom in San Francisco, and I was impressed with this piece called the Meridienne. How do I put this without seeming crass… it’s a sex chair. Or, maybe I just had sex on my mind, because when I saw this chair I couldn’t help but think of all […]

Flower by Moooi

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by a company that does search engine optimization for a company in the UK named Leigh Harmer. The email was very cordial, but I must admit that emails from SEO companies usually equals ugly junk. But when I looked at Leigh Harmer’s website my prediction was so […]

Scrapwood Cabinet by Piet Hein Eek

The work of Piet Hein Eek can best be characterized as recycled furniture in the most visceral sense. In this piece, for instance, scrap wood is gathered from dozens of other furniture projects. A substrate is added for stability of the piece. And then the scraps are essentially glued together and cut to the correct […]

Easy by Derin Sariyer

I love Derin Design for a number of reasons. First, it’s an Istanbul based furniture manufacturing firm, and I like to present Istanbul based companies whenever I have the chance. Why? Because Istanbul has to have one of the most creative lot of artists and designers in the world. Second, The line of sofas Derin […]

Cell Screen by Korban Flaubert

Korban / Flaubert is a Sydney based design duo. Janos Korban is the metal specialist. Stefanie Flaubert is an Architect and principle designer of the the K/F line. Their work derives from experimental forms that evoke natural cell structures at a larger scale. The Cell Screen is inspired by their ethos. The screen is made […]

Diorette Collection by Victoire de Castellane

Victoire de Castellane is the queen of enamel and jewels, and her new Diorette collection for Dior shows off her skills better than ever. The rings are huge, bold, chunky. It’s like wearing a little forest on your finger. All this is topped on a white or yellow gold band of exquisite quality. The rings […]

The Gucci Twirl Watch

There is so much great stuff I can say about Gucci. I’ve got handbag stories that will freak you out, but I’ll save that for a future entry. Today I wanted to mention the new Gucci Twirl watch. I’ve seen this watch in a full page spread in no less than six magazines that I […]

Riddled by Steven Holl

Horm is unlike any furniture company I know of. This company has hired a gaggle of famous architects as their designers. One piece I love is Steven Holl’s table. I’m a “star”-chitecture fanatic who has visited a number of Holl’s American buildings and observed his work with jaw-dropping awe. Now, I have an opportunity to […]

Dell XPS

Object: XPS M2010 Designer: Dell URL: Category: Consumer Technology Price: $3,000-5,000 Lust Factor: Warm Description: The concept is to create a hybrid laptop-desktop computer, and I feel Dell has succeeded at least in aesthetics and convenience. It’s convenient because it has a large 17″ screen and a built-in handle and all the power of […]

Salon Table by Gijs kaayk

I really hope I don’t hear from this designer about this (because I seem to get a lot of ego searches where they find their product here on my site). This will be one product that I can’t fully recommend because its ugly. In fact, all of Gijs’ designs are ugly, but not in a […]