Storage Unit by Eric Jourdan

I get so many more press releases these days from people promoting their furniture. That is how I found out about the Storage Unit by Eric Jourdan. If your piece looks like this beautiful piece of furniture or anthing close to this then please send your press release immediately because I would love to feature […]

Rugs from The Nought Collective

I’ve falen in love with these rugs. They accomplish two things that I hold sacred in well designed housewares: First, their designs are abstract to the point of challenging the owner but not so obtuse as to detract from the other furniture in the room. Second, these rugs are made with honest, hard work by […]

Historic Modernism: Star Trek designed by Roberto Lazzeroni

Why do Italian furniture makers make American furniture makers look like fools? That’s not really what I think, but that was my gut reaction when I first saw the Star Trek chair designed by Roberto Lazzeroni for Ceccotti Collezioni. The chair defies all logic of the material its constructed from. It is, as you see […]

The Flamenco Chair

Here is an item that I think breached a curatorial focus in me, and I’ve decided to show it anyway. It does not seem terribly innovative. It’s not particularly clever. It doesn’t use materials in a striking and unexpected way. Really, the only reason I have shown this chair, the Flamenco Chair, is because I […]

Lineground Round Mirror by Skram

Mirror, Mirror. On the wall. What’s the fairest (mirror) of them all? Possibly the Lineground Round Mirror by Skram? I was looking through 2Modern’s retail catalog, and I came upon this mirror and was a bit stunned. The mirror is built with the same craftsmanship as a fine musical instrument. The bent wood frame is […]

Atlantico Sideboard by De La Espada

The Atlantico Sideboard by De La Espada is quite simply of of the most perfect pieces of wood modern furniture in the world.  Atlantico guarantees this: perfect joinery, furniture only made from American White Oak and Cherry, and wood selected for beautiful and perfect grain. These are simple rules to follow, but the execution take […]

The Cartier LOVE Ring

Cartier has looked to the past to find their new LOVE collection. The design, originally from one of their collections in the 1970s works like this: the ring has screws around the perimeter of the band and the tighter you turn the screws the more you love. Is that right? It seems to me that […]

The Piaggio MP3

I’m not sure why I’m attracted to the MP3 by Piaggio. I just am. I think it has something to do with the fact that it’s a scooter with three wheels, but three wheels instead of two means that it can stand upright without assistance. I have two quick points about this machine, and then […]

Green Week: The Matt Gagnon Recycled Paper Side Table

Matt Gagnon, a Brooklyn based designer and manufacturer, has created his side table out of Homasote. This material is made of 100% post-consumer recycled paper. The board is only about as thick as plywood, so the pieces are cut out, shaped, then bolted together. The piece is finished off with linseed oil and accented with […]

Wedding Pills by Ted Noten

Ted Noten has been featured a couple of other times on this blog for his humorous conceptual products, so when I saw his latest creation on NOTCOT, wedding pills, I knew I had to include these objects. The objects are simple. They are two solid gold pills that are ingested during the wedding ritual in […]