Tubetop Lamp by Pablo

In the mission district of San Francisco, there’s a guy (or girl possibly) that tags everything he sees with a pi symbol. You know, it kind of looks a bit like a “TT” mashed together. Sometimes, the pi is on a sticker. Sometimes, the pi is in paint, Sometimes even, the pi is coupled with […]

Jackets by Moncler

I think that I had originally meant to write about this jacket about six months ago. I saw it in a magazine, so I just bookmarked it to follow up later. OK, now that it’s Spring, I’ve decided to do some spring cleaning and clear the boards of all these posts that I’ve started. This […]

Hogan Men’s Shoes 2007

Hogan Shoes are one of the few shoe designs that seem to have bridged the gap between sporty walking shoe and semi-formalish work shoe. OK, maybe they fall a bit more on the sporty tip, but if you must, drop a line to your boss that your Hogans probably cost as much as his stuffy […]

Summer 2007 Shoe Collection Pierre Hardy

Pssst. Hey Shoe Fetishists. Here’s another shoe for the collection. Quite honestly, this is probably the most conservative shoe of Pierre Hardy’s 2007 collection. When I look at this shoe, my mind wanders into a stylized Jane Austin movie where there are lots of scenes of petticoats and steam trains, but for some reason the […]

OTO 100 Storage System by Pil Bredahl

One thing that is not apparently clear in the image of the OTO 100 Storage System by Pil Bredahl is that the shelving system is a series of compressed cardboard rings that arrives packed as if it were a Russian Matryoshka Doll with each successively smaller ring nested within the larger ring. That is to […]

Brand Crack: The Gucci Dog Backpack

Gucci, along with several other luxury goods providers has realized something that I find enormously valuable to their brand. This is: Rich people have pets. And, those pets will need fashion on a higher level as well. This little pet fashion item is especially useful as well. Let’s say, you’ve just done a big day […]

The Little Something by JimmyJane

This is full-on, hardcore design crack. The Little Something is the Lamborghini of vibrators. The concept is quite simply perfection: create an erotic toy that is highly functional, viscerally pleasing, and a highly sought after. It’s functional in that you will never have to buy another vibrator again. It has a patented removable motor that […]

urban cast-away ring from studio dror

Object: Urban Cast-Away Ring Designer: Studio Dror URL: Category: Fashion Price: $360-460 Lust Factor: Warm Description: This design house has really pushed the boundaries of experimentation on this project. The rings are made in what I’m sure is a laborious process, whereby second hand fur is dipped in the raw clay used to make […]

Mathilda LED Pendant by XEO

Object: Mathilda LED Pendant Manufacturer: XEO URL: Category: Fashion Price: $250-500 Lust Factor: Warm Description: XEO has created a bold line of LED Jewelry and belt buckles that are meant to impress. I chose my favorite piece to show: the Mathilda Pendant. Quite honestly, it’s a bit bulky, and judging by the pictures on […]

The Squat Table by Vessel

Object: The Squat Table Designer: Vessel URL: Category: Furniture and Housewares Price: $499 Lust Factor: Warm Description: Vessel makes a number of clever pieces that have storage in mind. The Squat Table, for instance, has a storage unit in the area that is often unused in a table just under the top. The table […]