Muon Speakers: Quite Possibly The Finest Stereo Equipment Ever Made

Recently, I’ve come upon the Muon speaker. Muon speakers are, quite frankly, the most opulent speakers ever made at an unreasonable price of $145,000. Mind you, this price would get you a Ferrari with a pretty decent sound system. But, if you are extremely wealthy and are an audiophile who knows no bounds then you […]

The Toyota Century

Have you ever wanted to feel like an important character in a 1960s Godzilla film? Maybe you don’t know why the hell I’m asking this question. But some of you are saying “Hell yes!”. I know I would have loved to live this life. It would involve me wearing square horned rimmed glasses ala Run […]

The 2006 Ford GT

Object: The 2006 Ford GT Designer/Manuacturer: Ford URL: Category: Automotive Price: $155,000 +/- Lust Factor: Hot Description: The Ford GT is the the retro high-end exotic equivalent to every other car company in 2006. But comparisons are not needed with the high end exotics, at least to me. To me fast is fast and […]