The Aerolblade Bicycle by Spyker for Koga Miyata

I decided to put a lot of picture of this bike on the site because bicycles are an interesting beast. Often times, I look at bikes from far away and think they’re ugly, and when I get close up they become beautiful. The Aeroblade for Koga Miyata is definitely one of the bikes that benefits […]

Fallen Log Centerpiece by Jeff Zimmerman

Object: Fallen Log Centerpiece Designer: Jeff Zimmerman URL: Category: Tchotchke Price: $21,000 Lust Factor: Hot Description: Ever since I visited the island of Murano outside of Venice, where they make some of the finest (and cheesiest) glass in the world, I’ve had an obsessions with fine glass objects. This log centerpiece by Jeff Zimmerman […]

Design Mart: Tide Chandelier by Stuart Haygarth

Object: Tide Chandelier Designer: Stuart Haygarth URL: Category: Furniture and Housewares Price: $10,000 + Lust Factor: Hot Description: To Celebrate the London Design Museum’s exhibition, Design Mart, I am including several of their up-and-coming designers they have showcased. For more information about the exhibition, go to Stuart Haygarth’s Chandeliers are as powerful to […]

Droog Designer: The Meatbag by Ted Noten

Object: The Meatbag Manufacturer: Ted Noten URL: Category: Fashion Price: $10,000 Lust Factor: Warm Description: I can’t help but put another one of Ted Noten’s products on my list of highly addictive design. Here’s a purse that will turn heads: the Meatbag. This purse is a cast clear acrylic body with an 18K gold […]

Droog Designer: Bootleg Objects

Through January, the Museum of Arts and Design will be hosting an exhibit on the Netherlands’ Droog Design titled “Simply Droog”. Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll spotlight some of my favorite design objects from the Droog Designers. I also highly suggest browsing the comprehensive list of links located in the sitemap. Object: Bootleg […]

Henk designed by Frog Design

This week marks the annual Millionaire Fair, this year held in Moscow: home to 60,000 Millionaires and 30 Billionaires (The highest concentration in the world). All week, I will be reporting finds from the Fair on more obscure companies that cater to the super rich. What categories of design are on the lists of the […]

Repurposed Garments by Maison Martin Margiela

Object: Repurposed Garments Manufacturer: Martin Margiela URL: Category: Fashion Price: $15,000 Lust Factor: Hot Description: Martin Margiela’s house of designers are packed with a level of virtuosity that is almost unheard of. I’ve included two images of repurposed garments but the most impressive is the glove jacket. It takes 103 hours to construct this […]