Laaka Chair by lapalma

I’ve always been a big fan of bent plywood furniture. Like everyone who has my disease, I own an Eames Lounge Chair (knock off). Actually, I got the Eames chair on Craigslist for a hundred bucks. I hope that’s made all of you sufficiently jealous, so on to the Laaka Chair by La Palma! Now, […]

Home Collection Cabinet by Massimo Scolari for Giorgetti

Georgetti is a company founded in Meda, Italy, a province not far from Milan known for it’s furniture craftspeople. I don’t know if any readers have been to Italy. Maybe you even live in Italy and know this already. Italy is a country stuffed with the finest craftspeople. I have never seen so many well […]

Obelisk by Dedon

The Obelisk collection by Dedon is a piece I’m in love with for nostalgic reasons. When I was a kid, my parents took me to many different seaside resorts in Mexico and in Europe. I would spend my days swimming, playing games, eating, and sitting in a woven chair very similar to the Obelisk. All […]

Heart Charm by Theo Fennell

Theo Fennell has been hot for a long while, but I just had to include this one piece because I love it! He is the designer of numerous heart charms in every flavor. The charm I’ve included in the Design Crack fold is a ruby encrausted heart with platinum devil horns. It’s completely opulent and […]

Brand Crack: Lady Dior Cannage by Dior

I have always been a huge fan of Dior, so don’t be shocked if I include a Dior piece every month or two. This bag in particular is exemplary Dior. It’s everything you would expect: fantastic construction, beautiful design, and on and on. What separates this bag from, say, a Gucci or Louis Vuitton is […]

Dots Rug by Diane Steverlynck

It’s a good thing that I don’t run a podcast about design because if I did I don’t think the work of Diane Steverlynck would ever make it simply because I could not pronounce her name correctly. I think I’d probably have to learn her name if I did podcast because her work is simply […]

BronzeKnuckle by Diplomat Design

“Punch him in the face with style and grace.” could be the pitch for the BronzeKnuckle by Diplomat Design. Not Really! This is actually an artistic centerpiece which could double to display fruit. Diplomat Design has gone all out with the finish of this bronze piece. The outer edges of the piece are polished to […]

Tetrad Shelving by Brave Space

Brave Space is a group of three designers based in Brooklyn who have finally capitalized on the inherent modularity of Tetris pieces. If you don’t know Tetris, it’s a video game where (I think) 6 distinct pieces drop from the sky, and it’s the job of the game player to fit the pieces together in […]

Double Buckle Handbag by Fendi

Object: Double Buckle Handbag Designer: Fendi URL: Category: Fashion Price: $1,580 Lust Factor: Hot Description: This Sunday, the New York Times Style section had no less than 25 pictures of women carrying these bags on the streets of Manhattan this past weekend. The object is extremely bold, and I definitely see the appeal. I’m […]

DIVA by Marten Claesson, Eero Kolvisto, and Ola Rune

Object: DIVA Designer: Marten Claesson, Eero Kolvisto, and Ola Rune URL: Category: Furniture and Housewares Price: $2,400 Lust Factor: Hot Description: I obviously look at dozens and dozens of sofas. This one just caught my eye. I think it has something to do with the light, sinuous legs, or the dual color mix and […]