Nike Air Max

Aight. It’s true you can pick up the Nike Airmax shoe from about any outlet that sells shoes in the world, but wouldn’t you want to give props to a store as cool as 90 sq. meters? They have a beautiful little site, both physically and online. The nike airmax happens to be one of […]

Bottle by Hapo

Hapo is a glassware design firm that lives by a simple mantra: make glassware that is simple, comfortable, and calming as the design firm’s island home of Okinawa. The bottle Hapo has designed obviously captures this. It’s a warm tropical breeze. It’s Jimmy Buffet in glass. It’s not super stodgy.

Skull Plate by D.L. and Company

From DL&C’s website: Mr. Douglas Little is a sybarite of the sense who has created award-winning images and ideas for the finest names in beauty. His appetite for rarefied pleasures has compelled him to bring D.L. & Co. into being, so that he might share with others his passion for the hidden treasures of this […]

Chandelier Autocollants by Munchausen

There are now (it seems) dozens of companies that are making stickers that are used as architectural appliques. This makes sense to me. The medium is young and exciting, and designers want to push the sticker genre as far as possible. The most successful designer of this genre, currently, is Munchausen who has created this […]

Berlin Fashion: Hoodie by Herb

Object: Hoodie Designer: Herb URL: Category: Fashion Price: $100-250 Lust Factor: Hot Description: Herb’s closthes are fitted in such a sexy way. The lines of the pieces are fresh and clean, but not overly flashy as to draw too much attention. The hoodie, for instance, follows a woman’s curves in such a seductive way, […]

Berlin Fashion: Dresses by Hasipop

Object: Dresses Designer: Hasipop URL: Category: Fashion Price: $100-250 Lust Factor: Warm Description: Hasipop makes beautiful handmade dresses and skirts in a style reminiscent of 1950s America. It’s all very “Happy Days” with punk rock bent. I really wish I was more familiar with Berlin fashions of the 1950s to know if their fashion […]

Berlin Fashion: Belts by Fasten Seat Belts

Object: Belt Designer: Fasten Seat Belts URL: Category: Fashion Price: $100 Lust Factor: Tepid Description: This idea sort of whacks you over the head with its cleverness. The designers have taken the airplane seat belt and repurposed it for fashion. I think this product will be a winner simply because the iconic value of […]

Berlin Fashion: Winter 2006 Collection by Etikette

Object: Winter 2006 Collection Designer: Etikette URL: Category: Fashion Price: $100-250 Lust Factor: Warm Description: I like this collection because it is about slight augmentations to clasic pieces using earthy colors. There are lots of browns, tans, and the like on the pants, hoodies, and jackets offered. The outstanding feature to the designs for […]

Berlin Fashion: Pumpin’ by Betty Bund

Object: Pumpin’ Designer: Betty Bund URL: Category: Fashion Price: $100-250 Lust Factor: Warm Description: Pumpin’ is a trend in Berlin, it seems. Fantastic cuffs on pants also seem to be a popular theme. This is good. I love pants that reveal themselves as something else with a touch of fabric under the cuff.

Berlin Fashion: Pumped Pants by Hazelnut

Object: Pumped Pants Designer: Hazelnut URL: Category: Fashion Price: $100-250 Lust Factor: Hot Description: Pumped Pants are unlike any pants I’ve seen. They are a touch of jadpur with a cuffed ankle. I think this is the perfect high-fashion cycling pant.