Unicornicopia by Wowch

Object: Unicornicopia Designer: Wowch URL: http://www.wowch.com Category: Fashion Price: $30 ish? Lust Factor: Hot Description: Wowch makes great T-shirts, among other items, with animals on them. The shirts a derived from the 1970’s D&D, Rush-listening tradition and are best worn by those who have pointy beards and a wizard hat. Unicornicopia is my favorite T […]

The Transtrap

Object: The Transtrap Manufacturer: The Transtrap Corporation URL: www.transtrap.com Category: Consumer Technology Price: $12.95 Lust Factor: Warm Description: I ride the subway here in San Francisco several times per week, so when I saw this product in the NYT Style section I was hooked. The Transtrap is your own personal strap to be used on […]

The Campfire Pillow by Gama-Go

Object: The Campfire Pillow Manufacturer: Gama-Go URL: www.gama-go.com Category: Furniture and Housewares Price: $34 Lust Factor: Warm Description: I have a soft spot for Gama-Go. I kind of think the whole cartoon as art thing has played itself out except for geniuses like Barry McGee. However, the boldness and crispness of the colors in the […]

NYC Garbage by Justin Cignac

Object: NYC Garbage Manufacturer: Justin Cignac URL: www.nycgarbage.com Category: Tchotchke Price: $ 50 Lust Factor: Hot Description: Up front: It’s well packaged garbage. Step back from it, and it’s beautiful branding. If you find the right people to buy this, it creates a community of NYC Garbage owners. Only a finite number of people will […]

Lotta Jansdotter Smock

Object: The Lotta Jansdotter Smock Manufacturer: Lotta Jansdotter URL: www.jansdotter.com Category: Fashion Price: $26 Lust Factor: Warm Description: Lotta Jansdotter is a very talented designer who, until recently, was based in San Francisco. She has made the move to Brooklyn, and I wish her luck. Here materials of choice are linen and ceramic, she works […]