The Dosh All-Polymer Wallet Doesn’t Leave You All Wet

A couple of weeks ago, Dosh sent me an anoucment to me. I spent some time on the site, and I must admit that I really like the wallet. The designers of the product have developed a clear and compelling site to promote their product which I think on its own might have been overlooked. […]

Bendable Interior Objects by Form Us With Love

I subscribe to a newsletter by a Swedish company by the name of Form Us With Love, and they just sent me an announcement for their latest design product/company called BIO (Bendable Interior Objects). This design object is very similar to BluDot’s line of accessories in that they both use a very simple stamping process […]

Blue Pyramid Bracelet by Mark Jacobs: Ethereal Superchunky

Have you ever wanted to wear something that looked like it came from an ancient alien civilization?  Your only choices in the past were pretty much either a Halloween costume store, where most of the items are made from some Chinese rubber that smells as if you wore it too long you might get cancer […]

Green Week: The Egg Plant by SMP

What could be greener than plants? Nothing. The Egg Plant by SMP brings a bit of “green” design into your home. It’s a simple concept: place a beautifully crafted ceramic egg into an overly designed recycled box. Place some seeds and dirt in the egg. Now, you’ve got something worth selling as long as you […]

Balance by Carl Mertens

Back in 2000, Carl Martens designed Balance: a cup that reacts to its contents. It’s a bit of kinetic sculpture, really. As the user fills the cup, the cup slowly turns from laying on its side to sitting more upright. The effect is that even when slightly full the cup always appears to be completely […]

Laptop Case by Giles Miller of The Farm

I noticed this post on the Inhabitat blog recently, and I just wanted to point out how lovely the concept for a laptop case is. Giles Miller of The Farm has always pushed the boundaries with his experimentations on recycled cardboard, but he’s made one crucial move on this product design that will win him […]

The Carlos Night Light by Kathleen Walsh

There is not much to say about the Carlos Nightlight that probably already hasn’t been said. I’m imagining what designer Kathleen Walsh was thinking when she set forward on her journey to make a night light in the form of a Chihuahua with a cone around it’s head. My guess is it’s a tribute to […]

YouTube Design: FlexibleLove – the flexible chair

Here’s a neat little chair I found on YouTube this evening. FlexibleLove is the accordion chair for those homes short on space and money. Great idea! Learn more here.

Rhombuswear Binary Shirt

Are you a geek in need of clothing? Here’s an excellent option from Rhombuswear. It’s a shirt completely covered in ones and zeros, or the binary code for those in the know (BTW, click on the image to get a better look). This shirt, and an extremely competent first collection beyond this shirt, is the […]

The Big Clip by Arash and Kelly

Sometimes, a great idea is great at any scale. Take the paper clip, for example. Here’s an extremely simple device made from a small length of cheap wire that solves two fantastically simple problems: 1. How do I easily hold these paper documents together, but also have the freedom to take a document out if […]