WHAIWHAI – an app for discovery (in Italy)

This is my dream app. It takes a boring old travel guide and turns it into a fun game that helps you discover secrets of the city. This reminds me a bit of this great project in San Francisco called the jejune institute where you follow a nonsensical game of discovery. Very weird and beautiful. […]

Fruit Bowls Made Out of Real Fruit

Are you looking for that unique wedding gift but you don’t have a lot of money? Think of giving one of these fabulous bowls fabricated by hat at a cost of $34 each. The bowls are made from various fruits and vegetables. The fruits are cut paper-thin, dried and presed. Then, the shapes are carefully […]

Hand USB sticks- Throw Your Sign, Transfer Data

Need a way to throw up your West Coast Crip sign while you’re computing? No? Well too bad. Now, you have this option. USB has come so far… What can’t you stick on the end of a USB? Hand USB sticks @ Sirtified | Cool Design Exclusively for Guys |

Lego and Digital Blue Team Up for an Amazing Camera.

This is unlike any camera I’ve ever seen. Lego does robots, lego does social networking. Now lego goes for the big guns, consumer electronics. I can’t wait to have one. The only hope is the future holds a LEGO videophone where everyone is rendered as a LEGO person. Exciting!A criação » Eletrônicos da LEGO e […]

Deer Socket: nature meets electronic devices

The Deer Socket is an innovation that I feel really pushes the boundaries of smart design. Why? First, the design says to me: “I’m unashamedly trendy”. For example, deer antlers in the design world: you just can’t get away from them. But nearly all of the antlers on the market are in the coat rack […]

The Doorknob Lightbulb: A Bright Idea found at Core 77

I’m just in a cranky mood today. I saw this product a few minutes ago, and it made me think of the years of stupidity we’ve seen in American design today. Not this design, but the lack of doorknob innovation. See, I like this design. It immediately makes me think of something I’ve seen my […]

Doo The Dishes by French Paper

I got a tip from a company called French Paper. They alerted me to their beutiful wood prints that they make, but I’m enamoured with their Doo the Dishes collection of sexy silhouettes printed on plates and backed by a touch of baroque sensibility. It’s rare that I’ve fantisized about a silhouette much less plateware, […]

Tea Handkerchief by Miho Kaneko

Having tea time is a world-wide tradition that, at times, cannot be easily performed because of the unavailability of fine china. One way to circumvent this shortcoming is to print the china ona piece of linen and do away with needing plateware. Tea Handkerchief by Miho Kaneko : KithKin Presents : The Power Of Paah! […]

DecisionPaper by Paradoxy Products

I recently received an email from this company: Paradoxy Products.  I believe they were writing to make me aware of their chess set, but to be honest I only wanted to write about their DecisionPaper. What is it? It’s a note pad with a cut directly in the middle of the paper. What does it […]

Well Designed Gifts for a Tight Budget

Let’s be frank. Times are tight. I just listened to a radio news report detailing that American consumers have spent all they can spend on high end goods and are now sticking with the basics. But, nothing says I love you better than a well designed gift, right? You could make a gift yourself which […]