The Hanger Chair by Pottinger and Cole

The Hanger Chair by Pottinger and Cole is an elegant solution to the problem of saving space in an apartment. No, the chair doesn’t fold up. It hangs up high and out of the way. Pottinger and Cole have ingeniously integrated a coat hanger into the chair back allowing the user of the chair to […]

Pandora and Egg by HE and Marcel Wanders

There are a bunch of products I’ve featured by Marcel Wanders in the past. There’s the Microwave with the TV in the door. Then there was the City System Shelving for Mooi. All, beautiful stuff. But this is the first design that I could actually use in my home and could afford to buy. Well […]

Lovechild #1 rocking step stool by The Design Can

How do I start this? Every Wednesday, my wife and I babysit a beautiful two-and-a-half year old girl while her parents go to have a fancy dinner. Stacey and I have always loved this. The little girl is almost always sweet, and we have tons of fun. Recently, we were given a larger challenge when […]

Home Collection Cabinet by Massimo Scolari for Giorgetti

Georgetti is a company founded in Meda, Italy, a province not far from Milan known for it’s furniture craftspeople. I don’t know if any readers have been to Italy. Maybe you even live in Italy and know this already. Italy is a country stuffed with the finest craftspeople. I have never seen so many well […]

Last Match Menorah by Kathleen Walsh

Today is the last day I’m in Austin, Texas for the South by Southwest cadre of conferences. I’m sitting in my favorite little cafe just north of the University of Texas campus. It’s called Spiderhouse, and this has to be one of the many things that I desire to be immediately transplanted from Austin to […]

Scrapwood Cabinet by Piet Hein Eek

The work of Piet Hein Eek can best be characterized as recycled furniture in the most visceral sense. In this piece, for instance, scrap wood is gathered from dozens of other furniture projects. A substrate is added for stability of the piece. And then the scraps are essentially glued together and cut to the correct […]

Bend In Dining Table by LDesign

LDesign is a Paris Based Design Firm with a wide range of project experience. They do branding, graphic design, product design, furniture design. They are all over the place. And they come from all over as well. The partners in the firm are Arik Levy from Tel Aviv and Pippo Lionni from New York who […]

Random Shelving by MDF Italia

I wish I could express the beautiful patterns this shelving system makes when the owner puts his or her books onto this shelf. At first glance, you might be saying, “OK. It’s shelves…NEXT.” But wait. MDF Italia has made a couple of subtle design maneuvers that make all the difference in the world. First, the […]

Plastic Fantastic Gold Sofa by Studio JSPR

There are a number of incredible items that roll out of Studio JSPR. This will be my favorite for today with many more coming in the near future. Studio JSPR was founded just two years ago by Jasper van Grootel. The studio today is four people with a focus on interior design. The Plastic fantastic […]

Kaze Shelving by Toyo Ito

The Kaze Shelving by star Japanese architect Toyo Ito is, how do I say, very architectural. Kaze, the Japanese word for wind is the name of the system, I’m assuming, because each shelf in the system resembles a plane wing. Or, maybe it’s because the system, although extremely strong, is as light as the wind. […]