When a Chair Becomes a Light

This post comes via Moco Loco. It’s a baroque chair re-purposed as a piece of neon art. The chair is striking, straightforward, iconic, classic, and fresh at the same time. The designer Lee Broom, is a baby faced kid, with a big career ahead of him. I’m excited to see what happens next. BTW, Mr. […]

Home Defense Made Easy

This table design has made the rounds, but it’s just smart enough to become a phenomenon: The Safe Bedside Table is a brilliant combination of modernist side table and billy club and shield. I originally found this post at Oh! Gizmo, then at TreeHugger, then at Spluch, and finally at its source: James McAdam (the […]

Lineground Round Mirror by Skram

Mirror, Mirror. On the wall. What’s the fairest (mirror) of them all? Possibly the Lineground Round Mirror by Skram? I was looking through 2Modern’s retail catalog, and I came upon this mirror and was a bit stunned. The mirror is built with the same craftsmanship as a fine musical instrument. The bent wood frame is […]

Nature V2.0: A Chair for the Twisted Nature Lover

Last week, I reported on a piece of furniture that was an update on the log. The update, by Draw Me a Sheep, made the log into a square shape which is quite a convenient shape. But what if trees grew vertically in a boomerang shape? Damn, that would make a sweet lounge chair! Any […]

The Ooba Bassinet Makes Me Want to Make Babies

One thing I’ve been seriously wanting to do is give a shout out for my awesome sponsor, 2Modern.com. They are my dream sponsor because it is so easy and fun to talk about their products and mean every word I say. So today, I dip into the bag of 2Modern goodies to find some serious […]

What shape would a tree be if man controlled nature?

This is a sweet little piece of design crack in which the London design duo, Draw Me a Sheep, takes an elemental piece of nature such as a tree trunk and asks, “Is nature really that good?”. In Bo-Young Jung and Emmanuel Wolf’s series, called Nature V2.01, they explore the forms of nature and whether […]

Hugo Boss Building by Matteo Thun

I’m not sure why I’ve never noticed Matteo Thun before. He is an extremely talented designer with a multivalent design studio. His office are as adept at designing a chair as they are a building. And their recent building is a hit with me. Mr. Thun and company has created a three story office building […]

Cortiça Chaise Lounge by Daniel Michalik

Daniel Michalik is a Brooklyn based designer who explores the boundaries of unconventional materials. His focus is cork, though. Cork, as you probably know, is the bark that comes from a particular type of oak tree. The bark replaces itself every year and therefore can be sustainably harvested for use as stoppers in wine bottles, […]

Atlantico Sideboard by De La Espada

The Atlantico Sideboard by De La Espada is quite simply of of the most perfect pieces of wood modern furniture in the world.  Atlantico guarantees this: perfect joinery, furniture only made from American White Oak and Cherry, and wood selected for beautiful and perfect grain. These are simple rules to follow, but the execution take […]

The Too High Tea House by Terunobu Fujimori

Terunobu Fujimori is the type of architect who has decided to strip his style from any modern tendencies and place himself in a world of architecture that might only be described as “Hobbit Houses”. All kidding aside, Mr. Fujimori is an architect who has looked into the depths of what people might call outdsider architecture, […]