Side Table by A&G

A&G’s Side Table confounds me. The thinness of the legs defy all structural logic, and yet it stands. It’s made of Pau Ferro wood with stainless steel inlays, and I’m assuming the inlays help support the needle thin wood legs. Did I mention that the table also contains a small, integrated light in the table […]

Giacomo Driftwood Lamp by Zia-Priven Designs

The Giacomo Driftwood lamp by Zia Priven Designs uses a painstaking technique to be produced. I used to turn bowls as a hobby, so I’ve seen this technique before, and I think this lamp is produced the same way. First, a box is made in the general form of the lamp base. Next, the form […]

Tetrad Shelving by Brave Space

Brave Space is a group of three designers based in Brooklyn who have finally capitalized on the inherent modularity of Tetris pieces. If you don’t know Tetris, it’s a video game where (I think) 6 distinct pieces drop from the sky, and it’s the job of the game player to fit the pieces together in […]

Element House by Sami Rintala

The Element House by Sami Rintala provokes memories of medieval Italian courtyards. The Element House’s structure is reminiscent of the structural playfulness of a Rem Koolhaas building in that it play with structural virtuosity without overtly stating its complexity. The building creates it’s own sanctuary, however if one would like a view, there are several […]

Twist by Pearson Lloyd for MO

Martinez and Otero have outdone themselves by hiring the extremely talented Pearson Lloyd of London. This great firm has created a line of tables called the Twist which appears as if it were pulled from strands of taffy. However, the construction isn’t quite that simple. It’s actually made from MDF with steel reinforcement and then […]

Brush 2 by CITIZEN:Citizen

Object: Brush 2 Designer: CITIZEN:Citizen URL: Category: Consumer Technology Price: $95 Lust Factor: Hot Description: This is a brush that I am sure Saint Martha, patron saint of domestic servants, would approve of. The brush is simple, clear, direct, and suited for the most zealous Christian.

Stripey by Simon Pengelly

Object: Stripey Designer: Simon Pengelly URL: Category: Furniture and Housewares Price: $1,200 Lust Factor: Warm Description: God, I wish I had something special to say about this piece. I do love it, the way I love danish consoles from the 1960s. The piece just shouts to me: buy me so you have somewhere to […]

The Squat Table by Vessel

Object: The Squat Table Designer: Vessel URL: Category: Furniture and Housewares Price: $499 Lust Factor: Warm Description: Vessel makes a number of clever pieces that have storage in mind. The Squat Table, for instance, has a storage unit in the area that is often unused in a table just under the top. The table […]

The D-TK10 Speakers from Onkyo

Object: The D-TK10 Speakers Manufacturer: Onkyo URL: Category: Consumer Technology Price: $1990 Lust Factor: Warm Description: When is a speaker like a musical instrument? When it’s built like a musical intrument. This was Onkyo’s goal when it started to design the D-TK10. Onkyo worked with guitar maker, Takamine, to create a speaker that would […]

Dutch Design Week 2006: The Cut Chair by BLOKmeubel

Object: Cut Chair Designer: BLOKmeubel URL: Category: Furniture and Housewares Price: $1,400 Lust Factor: Warm Description: Last week was the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. I, unfortunately, am too poor to go to any international design events this winter, so I’ll feature a few of the designers that have been featured in the Dutch […]