Bowery Furniture


I’ve forgotten the name of this fabulous little furniture spot, but think Amish craftsmanship, walnut, sort of a chunkier ’50s chic.

SIde Furniture Unit by Richard Lampert

Side Furniture Unit by Richard Lampert

  This blog will see much more work by Richard Lampert. The collections of furniture are so deep and so thoughtful that just having this one piece does nothing to show the range of beautiful work. I choose this piece, frankly, because I need a piece like this in my house right now. I need […]

Bamby Chair

Bamby Chair

There are very few inanimate objects that I thought I might want to make love to This could very well be one of those objects. It has this nimble doe-like quality to it that screams touch me. At the same time, this chair has got solid hips that gives you something to hold on to. […]

buddy table by bao-nghi droste design

bao-nghi droste design

Buddy Table is iconic and beautiful because it’s so simple. Just three tapered ash posts and a powder coated aluminum bowl. I like this piece because it’s minimal form seems effortless but the piece must have been quite complex to construct. bao-nghi droste design.

Piano Hanger


        My wife is a freak for hanging stuff. I think we have jackets and other various items hanging off of every door in the house. But now… now I’m in modernist heaven with this design. I can hang things on the piano hanger when I need to and when I don’t […]

Kitchen Bull


      This beautiful wooden bull design makes it perfectly convenient to hold your kitchen knives and store your most important cook books. I think the real beauty of this piece is it’s modern Spanish minimalist aesthetic that somehow reminds me of a Miro painting. Why, I’m not sure. Kitchen Bull.

insane wood art from web urbanist


      Web Urbanist has a really fun post on 28 wood creations that may not be the most practical things to do in wood, but are certainly fun. These items bring woody cars to a whole new level. Knock On Wood, Then Drive It! 28 Crazy Wooden Creations | WebUrbanist.

Contain Me Shelving System

contain me shelving system

          This is a really sleek and simple shelving system that does a wonderful job hiding all of your chords. It’s one of those designs that I just want to steal. basically, it’s a vertical wood spine with enough depth to hide all kinds of wires and stuff. on this spine […]

a chair i love

i’ve been prottyping in steel lately, and this chair was an inspiration. NY DESIGN WEEK 2011: NOHO DESIGN DISTRICT – Rich, Brilliant, Willing at Partners & Spade – Rich, Brilliant, Willing. – Core77.

Sideboards by Eric Degenhardt for Böwer

  Now that I’ve spent the last five years writing about design, I’ve sort-of gotten tired of covering the straight ahead modernist pieces, but this is one of those pieces of furniture that is so sharp that you get cut just looking at it. Now if I had a few Gs… Sideboards by Eric Degenhardt […]